A Man’s Value is Determined by How Much Poooosy He Get’s….

hehe, maybe you could tell I was being sarcastic with that title, but if not, maybe the guy who hunted the Mammoth and ate it too ™ would let me borrow his flashing SARCASM button.

Okay, so over at that sewer AVfM Roosh and Captain Capitalism are shitting on low status and MGTOW men with a passion that would make Amanda Marcotte’s panties moist. They are basically saying that MGTOW’s are sexless loser who know the cards are stacked against them but are pathetic because they don’t “man up” and try with women.

Haha, notice how they don’t address the premise of anything MGTOW’s have said, but only accuse them of being weak/unmanly. Is it because Roosh with this microbiology degree and Cappy with his economics degree don’t have the intellectual bandwidth to do so? (Ad don’t they whine that real men ™ only get STEM degree’s anyways????) Naw, I’m sure that ain’t it. It just must be my microbrain to go along with my micropenis, that must be it….

“Enough about you, let’s talk about me” as Hugo Schwyzer is purported to have said to his students wanting to pass a course, erm, legally consenting colleged aged womyn he was “dating.”

So, I’m basically broke. No on has doxxed me, but most people don’t brag about that so you will likely take my word here.

One of my few luxuries is High Gain Tube Amplifiers. I’ve posted music I’ve recorded with them so that should suffice as evidence that I own some tube amplifiers. Granted, it is possible I scoured the internet for someone else’s obviously not professionally recorded high gain amp demoes and passed them as my own. Yes, this is possible. But I don’t get allot of status for showing off demos under a pseudonym. You just know that I appear to have a hobby that takes up time and some cash. It’s more likely that the guy seeking status by how many vaginas he has penetrated is lying to appear high status. (Haha, was that a thinly veiled insult against Roosh?)

Okay, so if I really, really, really needed to get laid. Like my life depended on it or it was literally the most important thing in the universe…

I could go to a pawnshop (with tears running down my cheeks–would Elam and Marcotte be laughing at my male suffering?) and part ways with my beloved amps for some filthy cash. Heck, I might even be able to keep one and be able to keep making demoes.

Then I could go to the Bunny Ranch or wherever in Nevada guys with cash burning a hole in their pocket go. Likely, I wouldn’t go there though. Not recommended by Advocatus Diablo or Maggie McNeil, two people who both know allot about fucking for $$$. I’ve heard Canada is fun, maybe I could drink some Labatts too. Or Mexico, then eat some tacos and some Dos Equis. Or I could message either one of ’em and get some advice about what my local and illegal options are. Then I could take the cash burning a whole in my pocket and participate in the transfer of wealth from men to women-um, I mean paid sex. I don’t know how many women I’d get to bed. Likely 5, maybe 10, possibly 15? If I offered a tip afterwords, maybe 1 or 2 would let me take a pic and then I could block out our faces and post on this blog to appear “alpha.”

So after running out of cash, I would be far from the “triple digits” all the man-0-sphere guys are but I would probably be in the double digits. Reality is I don’t think most men are “double digit” guys. I suppose most guys if they were honest about it are maybe at 4-6 partners. I’m not here to shame ’em or putt ’em down. That’s fine, hope they had fun. But after this experience, I could thereoretically puff up my shoulders and walk around with confidence because I am experienced-far above the 50th percentile. Now a Real Man ™ like Cappy Cap and Roosh.

Of course I already know the next comeback-because I paid for it, it doesn’t count. (Even if the hookers were hotter than anyone Cappy or Roosh nailed.) Well, well, they both sell this thing called “game.” At best a collection of “techniques” that seem like high pressure telesales/used car tricks and at worst seem to have some kind of hokey-pokey magical qualities like “The Force.” I wonder if they owned a brothel or were pimps what they would say. Likely they would say that men who persued casual sex with women were pigs. They were ruining “good women” and making them unmarriable. They would likely say Real Men ™ visited prostitutes because these were professional women trained to handle strange men’s penises. They would likely compare these women to soldiers who volunteer for the US Warmachine. They’d probably say they knew what they were getting into when they signed up and like the soldiers would be used up husks that are disposable but I shouldn’t worry about that because like soldiers their sacrifice is necessary for freedom or some bullshit. Haha, it’s pretty funny, you can look at where someone get’s their money and that’s where their “morality” stems from.

Now I’m not here to shame some guy who pays to get laid. And I’m not here to shame a lady who gets paid. I get it, it’s better than working at Subway while you go to school and you don’t gotta take out loans. But they probably reralize much better than the fucktards at AVfM that how much sex you are getting (or ain’t) doesn’t say too much about your quality as a person but more about your situation.

On to my “situation.” I’m keeping the amps. I enjoy playing my tube amps at loud volumes (sans earplugs.)–Raw Doggin’ it brah. I love it when my Triple Rectifier makes my back teeth rattle. Alright, I usually put in plugs for that one-believe it or not, it was painful to turn the volume past four. I could feel the walls shake. Drum heads would rattle in symphny with palm muted chords. I love how my 5150 seems like a different beast with different tubes and an imitation tube screamer on the front end. Suddenly those chords are tighter and those pinchies just squeal a bit more.

When Roosh and Cappy write about how great sex feels, then I might think they are merely pussyhounds but for now it looks like they are bullies who get off on making low status men feel like shit. Good job Elam for publishing them at your bullshit site. Y’know something, though, you got competition. There’s already a hate movement that pretends to be a social justice movement. And there’s already a guy who bullies low status men and begs for donations. In the first case that’s feminism and in the second case, that’s David Futrelle. Well, right now I can’t see a difference….

7 thoughts on “A Man’s Value is Determined by How Much Poooosy He Get’s….

  1. I think PUA/gamesters are worse than feminists. Been debating a lot of them about game, they strawman and move the goal posts, they mix this in with passive aggressive relational aggression bullshit.

    Feminists have done far more damage, but only because PUAtards are powerless.

  2. It’s pointless debating anyone who is into “game” or is PUA backer. They always remind me of cult members.

  3. I see a parallel between this and the anti-incel attitude found in the more organized areas of MGTOW (as apposed to true MGTOW). I don’t know if you ever got to see mgtowforums under the rule of Nacho Vidal and his band of merry men, but it was not much better. When it came to disseminating information about the status quo and creeping femifascism, they were pretty good; but at the same time, even they had no respect for guys who didn’t get laid. They’d disavow the idea that MGTOW meant actually going your own way with respect to sex as well; they’d try to put forth some kind of reconciliation between “unplugging from the matrix” and somehow poking more women than ever. It ended up looking like spite-driven PUA, only it wasn’t a snake oil sales pitch to incel guys the way commercial PUA is, but in stead a typical and natural exercise of disrespect for guys who aren’t getting pussy. That’s ironic, coming from self-described experts on how stupid it is to strive for female approval.

    If there is an east-west divide between what we call red-pill and blue-pill men, it’s nothing compared to the north-south divide between guys who are sexually active and guys who aren’t. There are “normal” guys who seem to sexually interface with women (to their own satisfaction I guess) under modern women’s terms, and there are guys who see the post-feminism paradigm for the bullshit that it is, claiming to sexually interface with women under a different set of terms, yet not sexually interfacing with women at all is still out of the question. It’s probably because the concept of manhood and sex are hopelessly enmeshed, and have been for ages. Feminism and the “manosphere” (or whatever else is under the same umbrella) are both very recent disruptions, and both males and females in both camps seem powerless to unplug from the matrix of human sexuality itself, regardless of how that contradicts their respective ideologies. The ones who really get shit on are the men who have been unplugged from that matrix by women — those men who have not gone their own way, but have been sent their own way. They are the true exiles.

    1. weird story for you…

      I work with a guy who named his dog Nacho Vidal. I thought he named his dog after some kind of Mexican wrestler. He laughed and told me to google it-apparently the guy is a porn actor. And apparently we don’t have internet filtering at work, haha. I thought it was weird he named his dog after a porn actor. He also is really “macho”-he’s married but apparently watches a ton of porn. When I first started working there, he always asked if “I banged any sluts” over the weekend. When I refused to answer, he started making fun of me saying I was a virgin. Later on he started making fun of me and asked if I banged hookers. I just mentioned that if he was going to insult me, he should at least be consistent. He finally stopped when I said “Just your mom and sister-and they paid me, dude.” Also, his wife saw a picture of me and he said she thought I was “handsome.” –Don’t know if he described me as a “neckbeard” and she thought I looked better than how he had described me or if she thought I was good looking.

      He later confessed to me about being extremely insecure. His dad was a player. He also grew up in Mexico and apparently it is a very “macho” culture. I’ve met Mexican women who say they want nothing to do with Mexican men and only like American/European men.

      So I guess it’s funny/ironic that a MGTOW names himself after a pron actor-Isn’t this the guy that shut down his blog and Elam got all happy about it?

      There does seem to be allot of “machismo” in supposed MGTOW circles-I occasionally read some forum posts but don’t participate…

      My take on this is a man can enjoy sex, however when he starts bragging or ranking another’s value by how much pussy a guy gets, he is essentially a gynocentric quasi feminist like Rooshiepoops and Craptain Craptialism…

      (and this is a big part of why I don’t much enjoy the company of other men.)

      1. ‘and this is a big part of why I don’t much enjoy the company of other men’

        This is why so many MGTOW seem unwilling to meet up or DO anything other than TYPE on the internet. I honestly can’t entirely blame them. Most guys posing as MGTOW seem to be one blow job away from getting back on the plantation.

        The only MGTOW I have met in person or talked to on the phone seemed like genuine MGTOW online.

        Genuine brotherhood among men has never existed. If it did, you wouldn’t see homeless veterans on the street or even wars for that matter to begin with.

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