Chickenhawk sure can play geetar…

haha. so when I see this, I just think how higher status men will tell lower status men to fight some bullshit wars for nations who don’t see them as fully human…

Yup, I said it before but I’ll say it again. A MGTOW stance would be refusing all military service, involvement in law enforcement, etc…

If you believe we are living in a corrupt system as I do, why would you contribute to this with your utility and your life?

2 thoughts on “Chickenhawk sure can play geetar…

  1. Why should you serve , Teddy didn’t…then again Teddy does see himself as a culture warrior who’d put druggies like you under the jail…Geez Ted reminds me a bit of Gene Simmons with all the “just say no” nonsense, though in all fairness to Gene he’s not for uber punitive penalties for users IIRC.BTW I’m not a big fan of Ted’s “music”, hell Motorhead’s version of Cat Scratch Fever is much better than the original.

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