Elam Marries the Manuresphere

Hehe. well, this is of course facetious…

Elam didn’t marry the manuresphere–however, M(h)RA’s harp on and on about marriage…

They try to tell MGTOW men that a man can be married and also a MGTOW…

Here’s the thing, most guys under 40 know the dangers of marriage. Even if laws can be changed to “make marriage safer” what’s the fucking point? I don’t particularly have anything against married guys. They know the risks they are taking and all I can say is hope it works out. Hell, even some older guys are fully aware, they’ve said so in the comments here.

So the M(h)RA schtick is pretty useless. The guys who are gonna take the leap are gonna take the leap and the guys who ain’t, ain’t. There are lots of areas where the so-called M(h)RM could help low status men but we haven’t seen them do a fucking thing except make Mandy Marcotte vewwy, vewwy mahd, all the while increasing Futrelle’s donations “because feminism is, like, so necessary because-Angry Het Cis White Menz Screaming on Teh Interwebz ™ .” Well, I ain’t a fullblood white. Irony of irony, I haven’t been very welcome in the M(h)RM or the manuresphere. I really couldn’t give a fuck about two groups who at best think I should be a second class citizen and at worst think I’m not fully human as they read about HBD with one hand down their pants at Fartiste and Steve Sailer (Yup, it’s Sailer, not Sailor-guess I ain’t that low on the HBD scale after all.)

While I’ve previously tried to speculate why Elam is sucking up to the manosphere, it was comical to see an interview with Rooosh, someone who has insulted MRA’s almost as much as Futrelle. I think Mr. Black Pill found the missing piece of the puzzle. AVfM simply isn’t relevant. Sure, it’s fine to have a space where boomer men can commiserate their failed marriages. What isn’t fair is that these same men but into MGTOW spaces they had no part in creating and try to force their values down everyone’s throat. Ironically (haha Hipster irony-I bet Cappy Cap hates those tree huggin’, art degree’d, lyberal faygots who don’t smoke cee’gars because low testosterone) their invasion of MGTOW spaces are comparable to the so-called “Social Justice Warriors” trying to impose their values on everyone else….

Yeah, we don’t want bitter, ineffective old men who can’t accomplish anything telling us we are “misogynist’s” because we don’t want to marry or co-habitate with women. They also call us ugly. Haha, this rhetoric is so similar to the feminist’s they “claim” to hate. I’m surprised I haven’t ben accused of being gay for mentioning my distrust of women. In fact, I’ve been called homophobic for not being obsequious to Jack Donovan. Well, I sure as fuck don’t want to “rub elbows” with a white nationalist who likes to shove it up men’s asses. Funny how those WN’s are all about “white separatism” but then they cry “biggotry” when others don’t want any association with them. (Yeah, I was tempted to take a cheap shot and write ASSociation.) I remember when I would post at Genderratic and politely telling Ginko that a men’s rights that allows WN’s to be spokesmen isn’t any kind of men’s right’s a halfbreed like me is gonna sign up for. His telling response, “Not someone to preach on being a good man, but who better than someone like that to tear into bigots.” He’s apparently an ardent supporter of Elam and so far as I’ve seen hasn’t withdrawn support. He seems to be okay with an approach of fighting feminists by being like feminists. And of course, as a low status man, if you are overly critical of Jack Donovan, it is because you are “homophobic” just as if you are overly critical of Amanada Marcotte, it is because you are a “misogynist.” Funny how a gay man like Donovan gets to be a bigot and a woman like Marcotte gets to be a bigot, but an M(h)RA is ready to tone police me for being “uppity.” Funny how these M(h)RA’s will welcome Donovan because he flings pooh at someone they don’t like. Just like those feminist’s will welcome Marcotte. These old, boomer men have failed us. They are meered in the same political correctness of the liberal Social Justice Warriors they claim to hate. They haven’t done a fucking thing to help any low status men or boys, but just like public television, they are whining for your money. Unlike public television, they don’t even have Dr. Who though.

It’s obvious the manuresphere is failing. Even though I consider my participation at the infamous Inmalafide to be a mistake, I gotta admit all the “young man anger” was fun. Kinda like seeing a thrash band or punk band where the moshpit goes apeshit. There WAS energy there…. Now my blog has hit the 4 year mark. I never had any real plan for this motherfucker, but I’m still here. How many manuresphere blog have come and gone. Some of them were presumably written by somewhat reasonable men. They thought they finally found a home where the could talk freely, but when they saw that it was scam after scam… A bunch of unemployed WN’s trying to bring someone who occassionally told an off color, racist joke into the “movement.” Or when they went to a manosphere meet-up and saw the “internet ladies man” was really an overweight, middle aged man who was good at fabricating tales. And they got tired of the bullshit. And they realized the men they met weren’t true friends. And with their talk of “alphaness” weren’t really great or even mediocre. They closed shop and moved on from the scam. That’s why you see so many blogs that barely last a year. And I don’t blame ’em-those are the sensible guys. Make a mistake, waste some time, realize it and move on…

Yeah, three years ago there was energy…. then allot of guys moved on. And allot of the “old timers” became more angry and bitter. The Rooshies and Fartistes weren’t about slaying pussy but long diatribes about the decline of Western Civilization. As the reasonable guys moved on the unreasonable guys became more extreme….

Y’know I almost feel sorry for Roosh… Almost… He’s of Middle Eastern descent, and let’s face it, there’s a whole lotta Islamaphobia in the Good Ole US of A. Taking a look at him, I figure he was in high school around the first Iraqi War. I’m sure he got shoved into lockers and called a “Camel Jockey” numerous times. One might think this would’ve made him more empathetic to other men. Well he hates on Indian men with a passion. And if you look at his blog, he tries so hard to get accepted by the “race realist” white guys like GL Piggy. Shit, I bet he wears a big hat when he has to go outdoors in daylight. Gotta keep that olive skin as white as possible so at the next manosphere meet up, ya can tell ’em your really a white guy with a tan. Whatever Rooshie, looks to me like you are a low grade bully. You couldn’t take it or dish it back so you have to find someone lower status to kick around. That’s real alpha motherfucker…

Ironic as shit that “men” like Donovan and Roosh try to define masculinity. It’s just as big a false flag operation as when Marcotte and Schwyzer told living, breathing men their struggles weren’t real and to check their privilege over at that shithole known as “The Good Man Project.”

2 thoughts on “Elam Marries the Manuresphere

  1. I dont have much to add, except congrats, and I am glad there are a few people still smart and self aware enough to find their way in the world despite the failures of manhood that surround us.

    The truth of the matter is we never needed the manosphere. All we needed was to share our thoughts. Then came a bunch of opportunists trying to grab shine from a bunch of disaffected guys, completely unaware that hearing old white men yell about how unfair life is the saddest thing ever. You dont feel bad because you think they are actually disadvantaged, but that this is what they become after a bit of pushback, no revenge, no retribution, just a bunch of guys saying “Hey, we’re here too, dammit!”

  2. According to some old time MGTOWers when the MRA was all traditionalists, the traditionalists would use threats of violence or ban MGTOW in their spaces. You was not allowed to even critisize women, you could only focus on feminism.

    If the tradcons took control again, they would do the same thing. PUA’s are basically the same as tradcons to me.

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