M(h)RA’s Have No Honor

This is disgusting…

Tard-Con Craptain Capitalism has called for the public doxxing of prominent MGTOW’s on the basis that they are ugly men with micropenises. This asshole doesn’t even have the brain power to form a cohesive argument against MGTOW’s. He plays the “identity politics” of the “social Justice warrior” left wing he claims to hate. Likely, he will also try to find out where they work and call up the HR Department in an attempt to get them fired. And irony of all ironies, he whines about HR Departments being useless.

Now I used to roll my eyes when feminists said they were threatened with rape by M(h)RA’s. I thought it was a cheap tactic to elicit sympathy. I thought the charges were untrue. We see the dishonorable men we are dealing with. Perhaps they did do what they were accused of and perhaps they even attempted rape or carried it out…

This brings me to the next sad but logical conclusion. With doxxing and threats against MGTOW men’s employment, will these mentally unhinged M(h)RA’s stoop lower? Many MGTOW men live alone (duh?) and are likely alienated from their families. Even if the AVfM whackos don’t come after them with physical violence–and an isolated man is a perfect target…. Don’t put it past them that they may do something reprehensible like murder a MGTOW’s dog just to shut him up and because they are sociopathic cowards.

Paul Elam, Roosh, Jack Donovan et all have shown their true colors. They are of no benefit to low status men. Sad to say, SPLC got it right for all the wrong reasons…

(Thanks to tamerlane for pointing this out at Mr. Black Pill’s.)

4 thoughts on “M(h)RA’s Have No Honor

  1. Please don’t take feminist “rape threats” seriously just because they are directed at a target you don’t like.

    MRA’s will target other men, but they will not dare target women who have more social power than low status men.

    1. yes, women (feminists) have far more social power and are far less likely to be isolated…

      that’s why I think it is a dangerous situation where an MRA will try to mureder a MGTOW’s pet if not underandedly attack the MGTOW in a group….

  2. Hell of it is the authorities would laugh it off or tell the MGTOW to “man up”.It’s a mess and I don’t see things getting better any soon…I really feel bad for younger men like you Stoner,Tamerlame and my Millenial half brother. The one good thing about being a Gen-Xer who’s not in the best of health (and yeah I get told to “man up” over my physical problems) is I won’t endure as much garbage as you guys will.

  3. “The one good thing about being a Gen-Xer who’s not in the best of health (and yeah I get told to “man up” over my physical problems) is I won’t endure as much garbage as you guys will.”

    It’s an entirely different world from when I was coming up. The biggest advantage I have is that I’m completely disconnected from the matrix now. I understand how the gynocracy, the white knights, tradcons, the feminists, the liberals, the MRAs and anti-feminists are all working to fit men into whatever slave mold suits their individual agenda. It’s fascinating once you really get it. This gives me a huge advantage. I was able to become a truly free man before my death.

    I’m a master at spotting the social conditioning, media brainwashing and re-education attempts (shaming/emasculation/false accusations) now as well. Every day, I’m more and more in awe of the continuous effort that goes into keeping men in the dark and acting as disposable doormats.

    My instincts told me there was something awry with MRAs long ago. I’ve had issues with them for years. In the past couple of years, I’ve come to understand that feminists, tradcons, liberals, anti-feminists, the gynocracy and white knights are all working against men’s best interests and in the best interests of women. The only difference between them is their agenda and manipulation tactics.

    MGTOW for life.

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