What the Doxxing of MGTOW’s has shown us….

So, ironically, it was manurespherian/AVfMer’s that whine and cry about the evilllle’s of “da left wing” and identity politics whilst demanding MGTOW’s “show themselves.”

Stardusk and Barbarosssa were taking the high ground by illustrating that the ideas were more important than the men behind them. Now that they are doxxed, well, on one hand it is cool to put a voice to a face but on the other hand, it doesn’t change a thing they’ve said.

One thing I’ve noticed about the manuresphere…

The “life plan” they seem to have for you can be summed up as Money, Pussy, Power….

Alright, we all need money to survive and granted, if you’ve got half a mill sitting in the ole bank account, you’ve got some options the individual whose 50k in debt doesn’t. However, is a good life or even a fun life a life that revolves around the pursuit of money above all else?

Pussy, yeah, I used a term a feminist will call an objectifying, crass description of a woman’s privates. But in this context, it is accurate. “Pussy is fungible”–you may have seen that on man-o-sphere blogs. That is because what “men” like Roosh are advocating is “sport-fucking.” Nothing against sport fucking, I’m sure it’s allot of fun. But what they’re really saying here is women are interchangeable because it is the “notch” that counts. It’s like saying jobs are interchangeable because it is the paycheck that counts. Now, not every guy is going to desire collecting “notches” the way Roosh collected stamps before making up “game.” However, I’m sure there are yoked men with square jaws who desire a monogamous relationship with candle lit dinners just as I’m sure that there are slovenly men with neck beards and beer bellies who desire the same thing. While I can say, “that ain’t for me.” I don’t gain a thing calling these men “beta,” “blue-pill” “mangina’s.” Different things for different men…

I wonder why “men” like Captain Capitalism with their quasi-interest in “Men’s Rights” (Or is it a tactical allegiance to sell more poorly written books?) have such a need to put other men down? He berates English majors and anyone else who hasn’t pursued a STEM Degree. Irony of ironies, he passes himself off as a professional author but just take a look at his blog, he makes my writing look pristine (it ain’t but I ain’t hawkin’ books.) Shouldn’t he have hired one of those filthy, commie, socialist, pink-o English majors to do some proof reading? Funny how you see a very narrow focus in the manuresphere. Lifting weights, yeah, a good thing. But why not throw in some mountainbiking to develop your cardio–and an awesome way to enjoy the outdoors. I suppose drunk womyn at bars don’t notice quads the way they notice biceps and shoulders. How come in the “self-improvement” guides in the manosphere, they rarely mention art or music? Y’know what I’ve come across in my limited reading of history? When one group subjugates another, they kill the men and rape the women. They burn their books, destroy their art and languages. Could it be that “culture” is more unifying than race? Haha, maybe I just made a neo-reactionary, HBD-race realist ubber-man like Chuck Rudd or Clarence in Baltimore throw a hissy-fit with that statement.

Okay, so another thing comes to mind with the doxxing. Stardusk and Barbarosssa sure as shit appear to me like they could clean up with the ladies far better than middle aged creepers like the Cappy and Roosh. Why aren’t they pursuing “game?” Well, perhaps, and I know this is heretical to the manuresphere, they have more interesting things to do with their lives than insert their penises into as many vagina’s as possible. Believe it or not, sex wasn’t the most significant life experience I’ve ever had. I’d venture to say that psychedelic mushrooms has done far more to alter my personality and perception of the world. I already know that my critics will say my only experience of sex was furiously masturbating to gang bang internet porn when my mommy left to go grocery shopping–and I couldn’t figure out if I preferred the numerous men or the single woman being covered in glaze like a crispy cream donut. All I have to add to that is “ya forgot about the tweezers I usually use to pick out my ingrown neckbeard hairs squeezing my micro-penis into making a more insignificant mess than when I squeeze my numerous zits.” And sorry, Jack Donovan, I’m not gay, but if I was I’d want a guy with a cool record collection and an ability to cook mulit-ethnic spicey foods. I don’t know if that makes me “waccist” or “andro-phobic.”

And if the phrase “Money, Pussy, Power” sounds somewhat familiar… Well, the last time I heard that IRL, I was discussing the old movie Scarface with a co-worker. That’s what he used to describe the main character. And, y’know what, that might be the 101 description of sociopathy. So, if that’s what you want to do with your life, well, go have fun. But don’t come around and tell me that’s what I’m supposed to put as my highest values or my life’s mission. Irony of ironies, it’s not MGTOW’s trying to dictate values to the M(h)RM and manuresphere. In this “culture war” it’s the AVfM loser’s who are trying to invade other spaces and dictate what the “values” should be. Isn’t that what they whine and cry that those evilllle social justice, commie left wing warriors do? I’m not the one trying to peddle badly written books telling you how to be a real man ™ or with a donate button on the side of my blog. I’m not the one calling you a pig for not unquestioningly bowing to my values. (And shit, I’ve been told numerous times by people who grew up on farms that pigs can be as nice as dogs.) And, y’know what, I haven’t gotten a penny from “affirmative action” or welfare despite what all those Steve Sailer reading asshats insist. I’m what you’d call “involuntarily employed” and unlike some scuzzy waiter like GL Piggy, I pay my taxes. So just take a look, next time someone questions your manhood, look at what they are trying to get from you. Probably ain’t gonna be a fair deal.

5 thoughts on “What the Doxxing of MGTOW’s has shown us….

  1. Can’t argue with anything above … btw I’ve never had ‘shrooms but have had what was LSD (or was sold as such anyway) and it is indeed better than the often rather mediocre at best sex one gets from today’s women, which may be why LSD is illegal.
    BTw Stoner I know it’s sarcasm but you strike me as WAY more intelligent than clowns like Crudd and Crappy ( I can’t read either of those jerks, and I’m a “white” guy with a high IQ ( more I think about it I have to wonder if IQ really means anything at all), neither of whom I can stomach reading at all. It’s odd, I can agree much more with you, AD and Mr.
    Odessa than I can Elam,Crudd or Crappy.
    A bit off topic – I’m thinking about picking up a bass again…way my hands are now I am considering the Ibanez Mikro- any thoughts?

    1. Playing a musical instrument is awesome… Infact, it is said that playing a musical instrument makes one smarter–don’t know if this applies to just children or adults too. (Strange I’ve never seen that on an HBD blog though.) So, yes, I encourage you to play a musical instruments but have no knowledge of the Ibanez Mikro. (I have played some nice Ibanez guitars though.)

  2. ‘Why aren’t they pursuing “game?” Well, perhaps, and I know this is heretical to the manuresphere, they have more interesting things to do with their lives than insert their penises into as many vagina’s as possible. Believe it or not, sex wasn’t the most significant life experience I’ve ever had.’

    I agree this completely. PUA really helped me escape a toxic relationship realizing how replaceable girls are. But the whole ‘more notches = better guy’ never clicked with me. Its actually pretty sad seeing these guys who LIVE for sex with randoms.

    1. Sex is fun, but dare I say the heretical (I already have-but I’ll go a step further) –putting it as one’s primary pursuit is unmanly and would’ve been seen as unmanly in many other cultures/generations…

      I actually don’t subscribe to the pussy is fungible theory, but I don’t believe that “notches” make someone manly. I could see how one man desires plenty of sexual experiences as another man desires plenty of drug experiences. However, just think of someone on acid coming up to you and making fun of you for being “inexperienced”–it would be laughably pathetic, and quite frankly, that’s how the Rooshes and Fartistes should be seen.

      1. That’s also how our society is structed. That a guy whose slammed a lot is by definition ‘experienced’.

        To me, a big wake up call WAS when I first had sex, far later than most, and then I slammed a few girls out, and I looked at my self and I was no different, I wasn’t any better. In a lot of ways I was almost worse. The best thing I got out of it, was that I didn’t actually need it.

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