“Are You Experienced”

Okay, so this is one of my favorite songs of all time…

When I first heard this song, I didn’t even think about the lyrics. The backwards guitars blew me away. And I didn’t know anything about recording but with the panning, this old song sounded futuristic.

So, I imagined that “are you experienced” was about sex. Jimi was telling some young groupie about what a good time they would have and not to worry about what anyone might think. But then there’s that lyric “not necessarily stoned but beautiful.” And to me that sounds like drugs. I understand this may have been recorded before he did LSD, wasn’t there so I don’t know…

Anyways, just think a bit. One person can enjoy psychadelic drugs and another can decide it ain’t for them. Imagine if someone pressured you into trying drugs and said you were “unmanly” for not doing it. Haha, I guess that would be a scene from one of those weird after-school specials from the 80’s. Well, I’ve turned down drugs many times because the people seemed sketchy. And then I’ve done shrooms cause it was fun and mind opening…

So let’s go a step further. Let’s see what drug use would have to do with masculinity or men’s rights? So, there may be political aspects, like maybe changing laws so guys don’t rot away in jail for a drug charge. But the more drugs you do, the more a man you are? Let’s look aside all the hypocrisy of drugs-lot’s of us are doing legal stuff every day. Coffee is a drug, so’s chocolate-you fucking, slobbering, degenerate addict, you. There are legal drugs and some people managed to debase themselves with them. Look at a bunch of drunks pissing on a wall after last call. Classy. And there are drugs that happen to be illegal. I’d say that you can do psychadelics and live a productive life. But then again, it’s all personal choice. Not something that some fuckwit should shame you about…

Okay, maybe my more perceptive readers might know where I am gonna go here, or maybe not.

Let’s take a little jump here. Sex can be fun, sex can be about new experiences, about satiating curiosity.

Now would men’s rights have an interest in discussing sex and law’s relating to this? Absolutely. Would discussions about about the trials and tribulations many men endure in finding a partner be a legitimate topic? Seems so to me. Would discussions about the ethics of prostitution be a suitable topic for men’s rights? Likely, I suppose.

Do most people have an interest in sex? Yes. However…

We’ve gotta look at the MRM and manuresphere…

Judging a man by his “notches?”–or by female approval? Bullshit in my book. A man may want to get married or sleep with many women. That’s his own life, who am I to judge. But look at what the man-o-sphere has given us? “Beta,” “mangina,” “blue-pill AFC.” It’s all an attempt to bully and shame men. In other cultures and generations past, a man who made his whole existence the pursuit and worship of vagina wouldn’t even be seen as a man. A man has to ask himself why other men are so concerned that he live their way. Do they have his best interests at heart? Like a slobbering alcoholic who wasted his best years on a barstool, is he afraid to see another man live the life he dreamed of? Is he trying to peddle poorly written books on Amazon?

Looks like freedom is the path of not letting those that don’t have your best interests at heart dictate how you live….

2 thoughts on ““Are You Experienced”

  1. In fact, in ancient Rome, a man who had too much sex and pursued women too much – a man with many “notches” – was seen as particularly weak and un-masculine. So you’re quite right there.

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