We’ve picked the wrong battles….

Watch this….

Then watch it again….

Yup, I’ve posted this before and I originally saw it at Barbarrrosa’s…

Okay, look at where AVfM and the manosphere is heading…

Shaming MGTOW men as sexless losers…

Haven’t we heard this before? Just last time it was David Futrelle and his Manboobz…

Now those middle-aged, alternative righties who blame everything on Social Justice Warriors, claim they are above identity politics whilst doxxing men who have never advocated violence against anyone, and also whine about meritocracy and hard work all while dropping cronyistic 5 star reviews on books they haven’t even read yet…

How the fuck do they get to determine what a Real Man ™ is?

Look at that blathering idiot who rambles on and on about “rhetorical discipline,” then flat out admits he doesn’t give a flying fuck about men. Glad to know Fiddle-hemo-bogoblin… you’d leave me bleeding to death in the street while you engage in the important activist work of insulting prominent feminists on twitter.

The MRM HAS NOT done one piece of real world activism for low status men. Not a fucking thing. With all his whining and crying for donations, Elam sure as fuck may have golden faucets in his bathroom just like the SPLC he supposedly hates. But were are the results?

And yeah, I’ve stated my dislike for “activism.” And yeah, I’ve stated I can best contribute by “opting out.” And yeah, all the critics will just say I”m a crybaby “taking my toys and running home to mommy.” But there’s not a hint of hypocrisy when I ask the M(h)RM for RESULTS–Y’know why–because there’s not a fucking, goddamned donate button anywhere on this blog. You aren’t paying me. You aren’t commissioning me. Free speech-motherfuckers-a beautiful thing. But when someone puts out the “tip jar.” Well, put up or shut up. It’s now your job–and Elam and the Horney Badgers-I’d fire y’all if I was the CEO. But I’m voting with my wallet as in nope. Not a penny from me.

Now when I participated at MRM sites, I’d find myself in a strange predicament. Maybe I am a homophobe, but I’m about as concerned about that as I am that I might be a misogynist. That is to say it doesn’t keep me up at night. But I remember seeing bullshit where a gay MRA would go on about how he should have the rights of other men. Now, when I being the half breed, or if you prefer, “victim of miscegenation” pointed out to Ginko that I don’t want any part of someone who “rubs elbows” and only Satan knows what else with White Nationalists. His response was telling. “Not someone to preach on being a good man, but who better to tear into bigots?” I don’t quite consider it identity politics that I’d rather not associate with someone who doesn’t even see me as human. I just see it as common sense. So, no just because someone is decent at flinging poo at feminist’s doesn’t make them someone worth associating with. The enemy of my enemy is no my friend. But that’s a mathematics above an M(h)RA’s paygrade. Funny how a gay MRA can act just like a woman with his “I got mine” attitude but not see other men as fully human. I’ll be honest, I distrust gay men for similar reasons as I distrust women and I don’t see them as “brother’s with a different orientation.” I sure as fuck am not going to be part of some movement that advocates I get along with White Nationalists. I may be a low status man, but I’m not such a weak man that I’ll advocate against my self interest. If that makes me a homophobe or misogynist, then so be it.

…Now watch that video again, I don’t even think you’ve gotten the point yet…

You see all those Womyn Against Feminizmz things…

Sure are a lot of pretty faces, I grant you that.

One or two of them even takes a philosophical stance about self-ownership and agency. But look at what they’re really saying. “Come on back to the plantation.” Sure, I know it can be lonely and I can understand how a guy can look at those ladies and think they might make decent girl friends. But it’s pretty transparent. They want the deal Phylis Schlafly thinks they are owed for merely having a vagina. Truth be told, I think prostitutes give better deals so long as they aren’t asking for your seat in the lifeboat…

Sure, Amanda Marcotte and Hugo Schwyzer say reprehensible things. But do you think for a fucking moment that if “feminism was defeated” shit would really get better? We haven’t even gotten to the root of the issues. As BarBar says, “With friends like these, who needs enemy’s?”

4 thoughts on “We’ve picked the wrong battles….

      1. Simply start a patrilinear polygynous movement for men of your father’s race. That is intersectionality done right, not how Paul Elam etc. are doing it.

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