Have you ever met a self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior in Real Life???


Neither have I…

I’ve met Feminist’s, White Nationalists, Libertarians, Socialists, Democrats, Republicans, Christians, Satanists–

People who self-identify with this label…

They would say I am… My beliefs align with, Call me a compassionate…

Who calls themselves a “social justice warrior?”

It’s a “boogie-man” tag…

They are supposedly “left leaning” but y’know that’s really a rhetorical trick…

Look at that Aurini guy calling that Owen guy a leftist. I never met him but I don’t suppose he is reading Marxist literature. People would probably call him an Ayn Rand reading, porn-loving libertarian. People call me a pot-loving libertarian, but the truth is it’s more accurate to say shroom loving, anarchist leaning anti-authoritarian–nope, I’ve never read Ayn Rand, nor Karl Marx, I did read Nietzsche, however. Didn’t like it…

And for all those manurepsherian, race realist/HBD loving alpha’s–well the Nazi party was the National Socialist Party-next time you call someone a “leftist” maybe you should look in the fucking mirror. Y’know what they say, when you point in accusation, three fingers point back.


So those M(h)RA’s are whining about Social Justice Warriors–I suppose that’s because constantly ranting about feminist’s sounds misogynist to some ears. And isn’t that what those awful PiGTOW guys are supposed to be whining about? Haha, and you sure as fuck can’t say bad things about women when you want feMRA’s to do your dirty work.

The irony is it is said that Social Justice Warriors invade spaces and try to impose their morality on others. Isn’t that what M(h)RA’s are doing by attacking youtube MGTOW’s? And if you want another dose of hypocrisy-look at all the banning and moderation that goes on at AVfM.

Looks like some kind of 1984 shit to me. Create a boogieman-the Red Scare, Clinton, Weapons of Mass Destruction, er, um, I mean ISIS, the Social Justice Warriors. Squash dissent.

While I vaguely understand that there is a “social justice warrior” archetype-ie a “holier than thou” motherfucker whose real life participation in any movement is most likely a bowel movement. I still see these blogs going on and on about an undefined enemy. I think it’s a bullshit move to try to get the uncritically thinking ranting about whatever you want to rant about.

Funny how these boomer men and women who lived through the world’s best economy call all the younger people who they expect to work harder for lower wages “entitled.” Funny how all those “right leaning” M(h)RA’s belittle MGTOW’s for being “ugly” because they can’t come up with a counter-argument. Y’know I can really see the difference between the right wing and the left wing from where I stand. These fuckers will gladly send young guys to die for oil and call it “freedom.” These fuckers will whine about the evils of prostitution but never talk about raising the minimum wage. These fuckers will try to limit freedom of speech by calling it hate speech. These fuckers will call us pigs but still expect us to pay for it whether it’s a “date” or a “hooker.” And if we question paying for it, then we are the scum of the earth. They can’t call us gay because they’ve made them the new women-beyond reproach but they can still try to berate you If we opt out, we’re lazy pieces of shit. If we play the game, we’re disposable pieces of shit.

I can’t see the difference between the left wing and the right wing. From here it’s just one big system that takes far more than it gives and you are a piece of shit if you ask why…

5 thoughts on “Have you ever met a self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior in Real Life???

  1. Social Justice warrior is just codeword for women worshiper, low status man hater. SJW’s tend to be rich white privileged hipsters.

    “They can’t call us gay because they’ve made them the new women-beyond reproach ”

    I have seen pro gay feminists call MRA’s and MGTOW ‘s fags and that is the reason why they hate women. Gay men are not the new women beyond reproach, the LGBT turns gay men into their pawns that is all.

  2. Stoner, I’m glad to see you noticing that similarity. The bulk of the internet’s men’s rights adherents right now seem to be part of the cyclical development of collective hate movements that keep this whole charade of imperial taxation/war going. People who just want to be individuals–who want to live on their own, free from social behavioral mandates, war, and taxes–are one of the biggest philosophical enemies of those kinds of movements. That’s why MGTOW gets insulted by many so-called “MRAs” and “feminists.” I presume you know that the western feminist movement is, and has always been, hypocritical–in theory, they should be just fine with MGTOW, but they’re clearly not.

    So too the PUAs/MRAs–they should love the idea of MGTOW, because that just means less competition for them to have sex. But when they mock MGTOW, they prove that their real intentions are something different than men’s rights, freedom, etc. What they actually want is the same thing that feminists do: an institutionalized system of extracting resources from certain subgroups of men based on popularity.

    (By the way, Miss Rosenbaum’s pseudonym is spelled “Ayn” Rand, and you pronounce it like the “ine” in “wine.”)

  3. Funny I didn’t much care for Fred (Nietzsche) much either…I guess I agree more with Artie (Schopenhauer) and Buddha. Guess I won’t be welcome in Galt’s Gulch (Dear Lady Ayn’s paradise described in Atlas Shrugged).

    1. My reading of Freddy was that he was advocating that the powerful have a different morality than the weak. While some man-o-sphere guys might see this as buffed up “alpha’s” get to do what they want, it looks to me that he is advocating 1 percenters do what they want and the weak (the rest of us) fight for the scraps…

      I got turned off to the whole “libertarian” thing when they were whining that minimum wage laws hurt “the producers” ie wealthy. That’s where I’d say I’m closer to an anarchist than a libertarian.

      I’ve heard allot of “going Galt” –but I suppose that’s for a high level engineer or such.

      Ironically I’d probably agree with a feminist on some issues-ie more rape kits should be tested-let’s get the right guy in jail, not an innocent man.

      or something like Headstart can be good-helping kids can help society.

      But those ideas wouldn’t be welcome in the holier than though alpha land of the manuresphere…

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