…weird real life story…

okay, so I was outside talking to people…

when someone started bitching about cops, I read this article out loud…

One guy butted in, “hehe, he owed child support, the deadbeat deserved to get murdered.”

He then went on to say, “I love it when the cops take a guy in on Thursday for late payment of child support. Y’know the judge won’t see him ’til Monday and someone made him his bitch all weekend.”


First things first, I don’t think that father’s should skip out on the support of their children. However, most other kind of debt you can walk away from with little more than damaged credit. Debtors prison is considered cruel and unusual punishment. Also with the statements made by the man above, he wasn’t concerned about yungins being feed. He wanted someone to get ass raped. Being a “deadbeat” apparently makes someone a good mark for assrape…

I then mentioned to this guy that sometimes guys are forced to pay child support for kids that aren’t theirs….

I also asked him what he thought about selective service. He said it was a double standard. I said that forced conscription is slavery and I don’t support the government or law enforcement.

He wandered off…

9 thoughts on “…weird real life story…

  1. “He then went on to say, “I love it when the cops take a guy in on Thursday for late payment of child support. Y’know the judge won’t see him ’til Monday and someone made him his bitch all weekend.”

    What the actual fuck?! 😲
    Rape is not a fucking joke.
    Gods above, what a complete and utter unempathetic dumbass.

      1. And sickening to the extreme.
        Joking about someone getting pleasure from another’s physical/mental anguish as their body is turned into a masturbatory tool is just…wrong.
        As in, you don’t do it.

        Sorry for the strong language, Stoner.
        It’s one of the few topics that really set me off.

      2. Rape jokes about men happen all the time…

        In fact, I’d be lying if I said I never made a “don’t drop the soap joke”-I have many times…

        I do remember uncle warning me to “stay outta trouble”–they like “young guys like you in prison.” Kind of funny as in ironic that feminists talk about “rape culture.” However, I heard more jokes about male rape growing up.

        I don’t understand imprisoning men who are back on child support. How will they “catch up” in jail? If they have a job, they will likely be fired for going to jail. If they are unemployed, it will be harder for them to find work because they were in jail. Hard to think these laws are about feeding kids. If anything, these laws are evidence that it is more pragmatic to avoid relationships with women. And “friendship” with most “men” is pretty worthless…

      3. I’ve never made a rape joke, but don’t typically get upset if it’s an actual overly generalized joke like the soap one you have above. But when it’s actually said in regards to a real person? An individual?

        Yeah…then you’re a sadistic asshole.

        I must’ve had different friends, because we never told rape jokes and we always called people out on them as well as those who conflate consensual, loving gay sex with the tragedy of male-on-male rape. (Obviously women can rape men too.)

        The entire concept of debtors prison is stupid as hell. The very fact it’s still used is just dumb as all get out.

        Sorry you still have trouble making male friends, Stoner. I wish I could have known you in high school…you’d likely have been a good addition to our group, and there was only myself and sometimes 1 other female around, so very relaxed and easy going.

  2. Men should support their children?

    I would agree except for the fact, that in the west the children belong to the mother. The father is just a sperm and money donor.

    Responsibilities without rights is the definition of slavery.

    I would abolish the child support agency myself.

  3. Thing is the assrape is part of the punishment according to a certain SCOTUS Justice, if you are raped in prison it is your fault for doing something to put yourself there…he actually IIRC wrote that in an opinion, I will have to find it and post it.

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