…here’s why I’m not an Anti-feminist….

…okay… reason one…

it is merely reactionary, that is to say that my ideologies are if Mandy Marcotte says the sky is purple, I say it’s green… Nope, I call it as I see it, if I see blue, I say blue even if Marcotte also said the sky is blue…


…it gives feminist’s the “moral high ground.” Many times feminist’s will promote their views in an article. When the comments section is filled with critical comments, the reaction will be “oh, here are the anti-feminists/MRA misogynists.” The points aren’t addressed. Feminist’s take the view that feminism is a social justice movement that promotes equality and anyone against feminism is trying to take away womens’ rights to vote.


If feminism ended tomorrow, it doesn’t look like things would get any better for low status men. Just look at how so-called traditionalists want to keep men as canon fodder for the US Warmachine. Just look at how low status men are referred to as deadbeats and losers by these social conservatives who are often **cough cough** Anti-feminists…

2 thoughts on “…here’s why I’m not an Anti-feminist….

  1. I am an anti feminist.

    Anything you say will give females the moral high ground.

    I think feminists need to be called out much as possible to try and make it culturally acceptable.

    If feminist went tomorrow nothing would change, we would have to get rid of the feminist laws.

    To be honest I want feminism to change more laws as it will wake more men up.

  2. Thing is tamerlame that sounds like the old “worse is better” arguement. Personally I think worse is often just worse and saying worse is better is like saying I want to lose my foot (real possibility as I’m diabetic) because the adversity will make me a better man. It might but I doubt it…

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