PigTOW+ is the New Terf

Male Feminist or M(h)RA? Who can tell these days...

This cartoon is pretty funny…

It makes me think of Elam trying to put down MGTOW’s and try to tell them what to do…

Waving his “mangina” around and urinating on the walls-proclaiming “I am the Voice for Men and if you don’t listen, you’ll regret it.”

It also makes me think of a sociopath like Hugo Schwyzer-demanding to be let in to woman’s spaces and his price of admission was merely bashing low status men and saying “I’m the one good man.” But if you didn’t have the right plumbing and you pointed out his hypocrisy, you were a “misogynist.” It was obvious to anyone who had a clue, that he’d say anything for a sniff of vagina, but it was a truth that couldn’t be spoken of in “polite company.”

Now if you have never heard the term terf-it means “trans-exclusionary radical feminist.” Many feminist’s who are painted with that term consider it a slur. They advocate for spaces such as Mich Fest were men aren’t allowed. It’s neither here nor there if they throw some party where I ain’t invited.

Elam has association with manurespherians such as Aaron Clarey and Stares at the World who share link love with White Nationalists like Jack Donovan. If I aggressively state that I don’t want a men’s rights that promotes HBD or white nationalism does that make me an “extremist PigTOW?” If I don’t think that traditionalist womyn who live off their husbands paychecks should condescendingly talk about “men’s right’s” does that make me an “extremist PigTOW?”

While I don’t agree with Rad-fem’s I support their right to not be forced to associate with those they don’t believe have their self interest at heart. And I sure as fuck support my own rights not to be lead by idiots like Paul Elam and Bernie Chapin. I know lots of people talk about masculinity, but what the point about talking shit. To me, manliness is aggressively standing up for my own self-interest and not letting some fucker who see’s me as a disposable piece of shit shame me into squeezing as much utility out of me as they can.

It is exceeding underhanded for a “man” like Paul Elam to claim he speaks for all men, then throw those under the bus who reject his leadership as twisted extremist radicals.

That is all…

3 thoughts on “PigTOW+ is the New Terf

  1. Hehe…it’s funny, you know, when the amateurs complain about the professionals.

    I don’t mean that in terms of quality–just that all those people you mention are marketers who are using their positions to make money off click revenue. And here we are arguing with them (I do it too) as though they’re genuine believers in their own positions. It’s like having an argument with the Pillsbury Doughboy about whether or not you should have an extra serving of his sweet rolls.

    I made a longer couple of posts about this myself. Thanks for the inadvertent prompts.

  2. Stoner you got a wicked sense of humor! lol

    Paul has always been a hyper macho loudmouth twit. I used to think he was a hyper macho loudmouth twit with his heart in the right place, but the guy is a slimebag.

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