“Da Jizz Bizz”

Hehe, one day one of my friend’s and I were bullshitting over a bowl of Pho. To give some background, he had just gotten out of a lousy marriage with some psycho broad who just finished assraping him in divorce court. He told me he had an extra 10k sitting around and that we should start a pron company. My response was tepid. “Uh, maybe I could be a director.” Then I mentioned, “Y’know, we could make anew kind of pron-bugger porn-were people slowly and erotically lick boogers off of each other.” I think he was expecting me to be all gung-ho and say, “You bring the bitches, I’ll bring my boner.” I think he was a little dissapointed that I didn’t react how he expected.

Later on, I asked, “You still got that 10K burning a hole in your pocket?”

He gave me a sideways glance and said, “what’s up?”

“I do got a business idea, we could open a shop that only sells high gain tube amps, no guitars, just amps.”


Finally, he said, “Why don’t you go to the bank and see if they’ll give you a line of credit.”

Okay, man when it’s pron your all in but when it’s badass amps, your all cold feet-I see how it is…

He called me out and basically said that I just wanted to bullshit around all day jamming out really loud, calling it work on his dime-busted….


In the comments section in my last post Mr. Black Pill and Tarnished were discussing business. Mr. Black Pill just says find what you are good at. I know what I like-high gain amps and jamming out-but alas that ain’t paying bills-it’s creating them if anything…

I think I’m good at antagonizing white nationalists, man hating feminist’s, hypocritical M(h)RA’s and Rooshiepoops-is that a career? Bashing low status men sure as fuck seems to work for bully boi Futrelle and sociopath Hugo Schwyzer. I wonder if there is a paycheck in bullying bullies….