Let’s Define Neo-Masculinity

Okay so first off, I’m no neo-masculinist myself….

For all you know, I may be a basement dwelling perma virgin with a dorrito covered neck beard and a micropenis I furiously squeeze with tweezers while watching gangbang porn and seriously confusing myself as to whether my arousal is coming from the beautiful womyn or the multitude of men, or if I merely have a fetish for Crispy Cream Glazed Donuts. That’s neither here nor there and I was merely being facetious, well, except for the neckbeard, and, a the micropenis, and uh, the confusion, and uh…

Anyways, back on topic, since everyone from man hating feminists, to man hating M(h)RA’s, to man hating Trad Con’s who say you are a mangina if you watch Mad Max get to define MGTOW’s… Well, then by my own authority that I now bestow upon thee (or is it me) I will define Neo Masculinity.

Rule Number One-You Must Hate Faygots and Promise Never to be One. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to give up Buttsex, for like prison, real alpha men realize sodomizing an unwilling man isn’t gay, it’s masculine. In fact, in Neo Masculinity, if you don’t have at least a quart of Aaron Clarey or Jack Donovan’s sperm in your lower intestine, you are likely not a real alpha male and might even be on of those Faygots. Faygots are: A.) homosexual men who just want to quietly live there lives without hurting anyone else. B.) Non-white men or whom ever some manurespherian determines isn’t a real man that day. Remember, Roosh V counts as a white man, otherwise Mr. Clarey and Mr. Donovan wouldn’t donate their sperm to keep Roosh’s stomach flora healthy with HIV, HPV, Herpes and other “good bacteria” that all alpha’s have in their stomach tracks. C.) Homeless men or other men of low status. If you are directing your anger at similar men prominent feminists like Mandy Marcotte direct their rage at, you are likely on the right path.

Rule Number Two-Realize the V behind Roosh’s name isn’t a roman numeral 5, it is a V, because that is what you must worship. Vagina. Any man who decides there are more important or interesting pursuits are worse than Faygots. That’s why those slimey MGTOW guys are EVILLLLE. How dare they question your religion. Even if you are ever able to subdue a MGTOW, don’t sodomize him as you would a normal man to ensure your alpha male dominance. These guys are so evil and obsessed with self ownership that they will beat you into a pulp regardless of legal consequences. Plus you will be infected by EVILLLE MGTOW spirit and that is even worse than becoming a Faygot. Because at least Faygot’s can be converted into worshipping the big V.

Rule Number Three-Learn your Roofies. As Roosh V’s conversations with prominent feminists has shown, there is a fine line between enthusiastic consent and a dead corpse. Learn the fine line where you might cause some permenent organ damage and a dead corpse. If you bang a dead corpse it doesn’t count as a notch, only unconcious men and womyn count as notches. Corpses can’t consent but we’ve all done regretfull things while asleep like wetting the bed.

Rule Number Four-remember the 3 R’s.

Racism-real men like GL Piggy, Jack Donovan, Roissy and Roosh are all racist, you must be too otherwise you can’t be an alpha. If you are racist and have tons of buttsex, you are on the path of an alpha male.

Retardation-If you find yourself questioning things in the manosphere as pseudoscience, well, the problem is with you budd. IQ’s over 80 are a fucking dangerous thing and so are questions. Remember, you have accepted the red pill, Roosh’s seed is now in your stomach. If you aren’t sure buddy, just eat a few chips of lead paint and you will be. Remember if it’s not an approved e-book or manosphere blog, it is likely dangerous for your mind.

Reactionary-You are never to have an original idea. You can be angwee at anyone Roosh and the manosphere deems blue pill or an SJW. You must get in a haterage. If you don’t know what a haterage is, look up Mandy Marcotte and Nice Guys. When you feel empathy for her, that is haterage. Original thoughts are not for redpill alpha males.

Rule Number 5-Meet other alpha males at bath houses. Don’t worry, nothing gay happens when alpha males meet at bath houses. First there is a penis measuring measuring contest while everyone brags about their new roofie victims, err, conquests, err, notches. Then there is lot’s of crying about how tough it is to be an alpha in such a femanized society where every decent looking guy doesn’t want to have consenting buttsex and some are closet MGTOW because they are violent when you try to roofie them. Then there is lotts of buttsex. If any of this seems “gay” to you, it is because you haven’t immersed yourself in manosphere theology and are still a blue pill mangina. Don’t worry, Roosh is a generous leader. He will let you drink of the hose of knowledge and putt more of his seed in your stomach.

…hahaha, yes I realize this is the lousiest thing I have ever written. But how else do you write about Roosh than going to his level of crapiness. Congrats Roosh, you are even worse than a feminist–and that takes HARD FUCKING WORK!!!!!

12 thoughts on “Let’s Define Neo-Masculinity

  1. This made me crack up. About the funniest blog post ever done lolol

    I would normally disprove of such tactics, but our targets our such slow life slime, they deserved to be attacked and ridiculed. These PUA/Tradcon faggots try to ridicule MGTOW All the time, dish out the same to them, they are easy targets after all.

    1. These fuckers sure can dish it out but they can’t take it. They cry like little babies-the more “masculine” they claim to be the harder they whine. My dog could’ve taught them more about masculine virtues-pissing standing up, stoicism, brotherhood-and that isn’t sarcasm, when he died of cancer, he didn’t whine and cry even though he was surely in immense pain…

  2. Didn’t Aaron Clarey try to get pictures of bar bar’s penis during that while debacle surrounding his video shaming MGTOW?

    1. Just think how creepers like Jack Donovan will accuse you of being a “homophobe” ™ and demand to be called an androphile the way a creeper like Marcotte would call you a “misogynist” ™ and demand to be called a womyn…

      Isn’t it striking how similar their hate movements are?

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