Neo Masculinity is Stupid as Fuck and Unsustainable….

Alright, an oversimplification, but in the neo-masculinity, you are supposed to fuck allot of womyn-thus ruining them and making them worthless for marriage. Then when you are bored, or is it too old, you move on and marry a good womyn who kept her legs closed while the womyn your penis ruined now hit the wall and even their cats don’t want to be with them.

Let’s do some fucking math here…

If you live in an area where over half of the men have been killed in war then maybe the following situation could occur. Let’s say there are at least two women for every man. Monogamous marriage is still the standard, things haven’t gone in the direction of polygamy. So a man takes one wife. He might have a mistress on the side or an unmarried woman may sell sex. The young guys might visit some of the women who sell sex and realize they may still get a wife who hasn’t been fooling around. You could have most of the men having many sex partners, perhaps half the women unable to find a husband and having several partners either as mistresses or prostitutes. It would still be possible for many of the men to find virgin wives while they are having many partners. However, how could they be certain that the woman they are marrying wasn’t a mistress or prostitute for a short stint?

Anyways, we live in a far different scenario. I suppose things are closer to 50/50 as far as the ratio of men and women. So how can many men be promiscuous unless many women are or a few women are hyper promiscuous?

It’s just as unsustainable as an economy that is based on consumer spending where the consumers (middle class) are constantly eroding. I suppose these fucks consult with Mr. Clarey where the alpha’s don’t need to do teh maths.

But let’s explore. If these guys spend most of their 20’s and 30’s fucking lotts of womyn, where will the “good girls” be? Off the market, married? Will they have to prowl much younger women? Let’s be real, Roosh with his gray beard approaching 18 and 19 year old college girls. How long before he gets accused of “robbing the craddle?” It might be technically legal for him to approach much younger women but most younger women don’t want a 40 year old. They might go for a youthful mid 20’s guy just starting his professional career but not a middle aged man unless he’s a straight up rockstar or Hollywood actor. In fetish circles, there is something called a “daddy fetish.” Perhaps he could track down a girl on a fetish site looking for a daddy. However, on fetish sites you will find promiscuous people who want lots of experience. That leads him back to women his own age. Is he going to hunt for a recent divorcee who married her high school sweetheart and thus has few partners? Is he going to track down a nun who lost her faith? Or will he be stuck with a woman who partied harder than he did? Somehow I don’t think he’s sold enough e-books to afford some Eastern European broad whose auctioning off her “virginity.”

7 thoughts on “Neo Masculinity is Stupid as Fuck and Unsustainable….

  1. This is the blatant stupidity of PUAs. They want to have their cake and eat it too…the ability to be manwhores in their teens, 20s, and 30s…having casual sex/ONS with dozens (if not hundreds, if you believe some of them) of women younger than them. Yet despite the fact that they will undoubtedly have had experience with STDs and may still carry some, will have trouble bonding to a mate because oxytocin means nothing to their brains anymore, are far more likely to cheat while married, and were probably not frugal with their finances…they think they “deserve” dainty virgin wives who won’t mind that they fucked the numerical equivalent of a small town. What exactly do they bring to the table, other than debt, infidelity, and a potential case of gonorrhea?

    The other thing that they don’t realize (it would seem) is that by spreading the word of PUA, they supposedly enable more men to have sex with more women, thereby decreasing their chances of finding a virgin later. I don’t believe most Game is anything but BS, but let’s go with it here. Creating more “alphas” who are able to have sex with many women will slowly but surely cut down the available pool of “good women”. If you have 50 women and 50 men in a community, and 20 of those guys have enough “Game” to essentially convince 2 women to sleep with them, then 40 of those women will have an N of 2 now. Only 10 virgins are left, and the other 40 women are supposedly “ruined” for marriage. Yet if you read enough PUA blogs, you’ll find a massive contradiction: Those 10 virgins are the same gals who *other* PUAs attempted to shame into sleeping with them by calling them “frigid” or “prudish” bUT it didn’t work…in other words, one PUA’s virgin wife is another PUA’s failure.

    This is why the Sex as Conquest model falls apart. If you think a woman is ruined/lesser for having sex with you, what does that say about yourself? That you’re a ruiner, a defiler? How is that good for anyone’s self-esteem…or their sex partner’s sense of worth? I think this is Roosh’s problem. He has “conquered” so much pussy that he’s now incapable of forming real bonds with a woman. It supposedly takes longer for men to suffer the effects of having many partners (although whether premarital N and divorce are causations or correlations is still to be determined), Roosh and others like him are essentially the male version of carousel riders. What virgin woman, who likely harbors deeply romantic and possibly religious concepts of sex, would want to be with a man who has an N of 40+? He obviously doesn’t think of sex as she does, and would make a lousy husband if her ideals are that strong. Honestly, PUAs should marry women who think of sex as they do…Namely, those they call sluts.

    1. I wonder if that pairbond thing is actually true, it sounds like some manuresphere pseudo-science. If it is true, then I should demand that Rooshiepoops instruct his mom and sister sleep with me. In fact only MGTOW men should be allowed to sleep around because men who want to get married need their chastity. (well of course, they can still hook up with each other and call it manhood academy.)

      Actually, they wouldn’t be hooking up with “sluts”-women who love penis from multiple sources but feminist womyn who own strap-ons. Because feminists think of sex as they do, a weapon to hurt and humiliate others.

      1. It’s not complete pseudo-science…it is actually a proven fact that the chemicals released during sex and most breastfeeding (oxytocin, in this case) do help result in pair bonding and what we call love. Has nothing to do with lust though, and many sections of the manosphere try desperately to convince readers that men are somehow immune to oxytocin whereas it’s women’s greatest weakness. In other words, they want to be able to claim that a woman with an N higher than 1 is a slut and a potentially horrible spouse…but a guy can stick his dick in 30 women and still be prime marriage material.

        The issue is that not many studies have actually been done on real causes of infidelity, premarital sex, and divorce. This is the closest we currently have to draw from, which is admittedly older information and only looked at premarital N and divorce rates:

        No further research was conducted, so we still don’t know *why* the rates differ. It could be that more women get divorced because of manosphere explanations like hypergamy or being an “alpha widow”, but then it could also be that men are more likely to stay married while simultaneously having an affair, thus eliminating some of the need for divorce. The other point that I’d like people to realize is that a marriage doesn’t *only* fail when there’s a divorce…many loveless, miserable couples stay together through the years (for the kids, to keep up appearances, to not disappoint their families, for religious reasons) when they really should get divorced for everyone’s sake.

        There is a huge amount of research that should be done on this topic before anyone can use the little we have as a true conclusion or ideological support.

    2. “That you’re a ruiner, a defiler? How is that good for anyone’s self-esteem…or their sex partner’s sense of worth?”

      That actually sounds cool-I destroy womyn with my evillle penis-I am Satan’s good drinking buddy…

      Then play death metal in the background:

      Are you trying to turn me into a PUA here?

  2. Reblogged this on oogenhand and commented:
    Neo Masculinity, or the stud/slut double standard is only sustainable if there is a subjugated population of which the men are NOT allowed to be studs, and the women are NOT allowed NOT to be sluts. This in turn is only sustainable if children of subjugating men are automatically part of the subjugating population. This creates a need for a constant expansion of territory. And THIS is finally unsustainable.

    So Neo Masculinity is indeed Stupid as Fuck and Unsustainable…

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