If I Dislike Roosh and Neo Masculinism-Does that mean I am

a.) Islamaphobic-for Roosh is Iranian and Armenian even though he shits on other men such as Indian men and Black men.

b.) Virgin shaming for pointing out the fact that “game” does not work for landing Roosh women born women.

c.) Homophobic for pointing out that Roosh and the Return of Cuckhold fuckfaces like Aaron Clarey love Jack Donovan.

d.) Transphobic for making fun of all those times Roosh successfully courted ladyboy’s…

e.) Misandrist for making fun of Roosh for being the featured guest at A Voice for Mangina’s, err, men…

f.) An asshole for pointing out how right wingers like fat Bernie Chapin lie and cry just like left wingers like rotten Tooth Esmay…

g.) A great guy who doesn’t give a fuck about managing the feeling of bullies and lift’s weights not to be attractive to womyn and homo’s but to kick ass should I have the misfortune of meeting an M(h)RA male feminist like Roosh in real life and defending the sovereignty of my asshole…

h.) Misogynist for pointing out that womyn love violent men like Warmachine and Hugo Schwyzer.

5 thoughts on “If I Dislike Roosh and Neo Masculinism-Does that mean I am

  1. Choice G – while I’ve never seen you…I’d bet $ you could take Roosh or Roissy …I remember you discussing your workout routine with Giovanni Donatto , I got winded just reading it.Ever thought of becoming a personal trainer ?

    1. haha, I don’t have the look of a personal trainer. I am small, however strong in some ways. At work the guys were bullshitting around and finally I was all “let’s do some pullups.” We jumped on a rack in the warehouse, I did over a dozen. The next guy, a 19 year old who the ladies love only did 3. The other guys just shut up (which is rare.)

  2. I dreamed that Roosh was sucking my dick, but I couldn’t keep it up no matter how hard I tried. Does that make me homophobic? Misandric? Transphobic?

      1. Really, though, it’s too bad that Roosh has made himself into a laughingstock. He has the street cred of being on the SPLC watch list — which shows they have an agenda that goes far beyond helping poor people in the south — and Roosh has managed to set an agenda and get other people talking about what he says.

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