Happy Explosions Day

Alright, I know I’ve put this song up before, but nothing less than the best, so here it is again….

I hate my government but like fireworks. What can I say?

And, uh, if the below image pisses you off, good, go somewhere else-I’m not here to manage your feelings…


I’m equally pissed of by the authoritarian left as I am with the alternative right and if you don’t like it, go over to AVfM to cry about it with Elam and Esmay. I’m just not allowed to speak the truth because despite what liberals say, faggots can be bigots too. And if you think Judgy Bitch is selling “men’s right’s” I’ve got some land in Alaska I’d like to sell ya. Now please stay the fuck away from me in real life….

3 thoughts on “Happy Explosions Day

  1. Yes I enjoy their music but they are a bit over the top…Maybe Dani Filth will be the next MRA hero, he too is sporting a combover now ala Tom Leykis. Maybe he’ll get himself a fake “big radio” voice too…

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