Hahaha, Would You Bang????


So, um, I was indulging in m guilty pleasure of viewing decapitated heads of ISIS’s victim’s and I ran into this interesting/disturbing image. Apparently, it is Roosh’s sister and mom after they found out he was a PUA who uses roofies to lure—alright, alright, I’ll stop with the bad humor…

I just can’t wrap my head around what the motivation of these images are. Is this to get men to fight against ISIS and sacrifice their lives against her enemy? Is this not the inverse of what terrorist suicide bombers are told to do with their promises of a boatload of virgin brides?

This is connected to Femen, as apparently there are similarities and she references them on her blog..

It is nothing new to use images with bodily fluids to shock people. Artist Andres Serrano created a work called Piss Christ in which he submerged a crucified, plastic Jesus in a jar of his piss. He also created the artwork for Metallica’s Load album. A mixture of blood and cum that looks like flames.

and, apparently, Femen is run by a dude. Kinda funny, it would be like A Voice for Men being run by womyn, oh, wait..

You might have heard about “Pussy Riot” a few years back…

Here’s a critique. (And if you didn’t bother to read it, let’s just say that guys who were political dissident’s got treated allot worse…)

Here’s a site critical of Islam. Now, as far as being critical of Islam, this read like Bernie Chapin and liberals, or Hugo Schwyzer and low status men, or Jack Donovan and anyone who is straight and non-white… That’s it to say it is highly biases and takes a huge shit on Muslims-but there are some nice decapitation photos. Yup, some nice ones…

and, then again, there’s that ugly insurgent math. Haha, how much of a role has the good ole USA had in creating ISIS? The US trained and armed Osama. They teach that one to the kiddies, don’t they?

Just sayin’

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