Halfbreed politics…

haha, multiculturalism/liberalism doesn’t work. Humans are tribalistic/classist creatures.

I’m a halfbreed, I’ve been shit on by both sides of my family, and quite frankly, hope I don’t have to see any of them again….

The very rare few womyn who find me attractive often confused my lineage and upon realizing that I don’t have an accent or speak any of those languages I immediately go from being a Siberian Husky with some wolf’s blood to being a filthy, scavaging coyote who by luck of the draw and shiftlessness only manages to have an impressive fur coat. The smiles and glances go to frowns and downcast eyes upon learning what I really am…

hahaha, a misfortunate bastard crippled by my parents choices. Of course it’s not like they stayed together. Now, ironically, I’m the one told to pull myself up by the bootstraps and contribute to society. It’s funny how so-called MGTOW’s parrot the tough guy politics of assholes like Craptain Captalism and fat Bernie Chapin-c’mon Bernie, man up and pull yourself up on the pull up bar-bet ya can’t fucker. It’s funny when they whine and cry about Greece but they won’t acknowledge the historical fact that Greece was royally fucked over by the Nazi’s. It’s like those HBD race realists who deny the history of slavery or those feminists who deny the reality of forced military conscription for low status men. The libertarian tough guys are just feeding into the hands of those that would lead them to the slaughterhouse….

Now, with all that talk of confederate flags, I’ll be the first to say let them secede. The USG is too fucking big. I don’t care-3 countries, make it 5. And let it be like some EU with maybe a common currency but let people have different lifestyles.


Just take Jack Donovan with you. Why should I be tolerant of a piece of shit who thinks I’m less human because I’m not full blooded white. If I openly state that I should be able to use drugs-my body, my choice but not associate with homosexuals, how come I’m the fucking bigot now? I dislike these people, I won’t dish out violence if they leave me alone. But I shouldn’t be forced to be around them or celebrate their parades. Pride not prejudice, now stay the fuck away from me. The truth is I’m far more discriminated against for peacefully using mind altering substances and being a halfbreed than some dirtbag like Donovan is for using steroids and fucking guys in the ass. But that’s a truth that can’t be spoken in front of Democrat’s, multicultaralists, libertarians or feminists. From my point of view, “men” like Donovan have the same entitled attitude as feminists like Mandy Marcotte, they are “marginalized” so society owes them-specifically those that empirically have it worse off-and if those who have it worse off resist, they are bigots.

4 thoughts on “Halfbreed politics…

  1. ” The very rare few womyn who find me attractive often confused my lineage and upon realizing that I don’t have an accent or speak any of those languages”

    Actually, you SHOULD learn any of those languages. The Christian Franks crushed the Pagan Saxons because the latter didn’t know Latin while the former did know Germanic. Several centuries later, the Pagan Prussians were a far tougher nut to crack because they knew German (as well as their native Prussian language). WNs are losers because they cannot grasp this. Be better than them.

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