The cultural imperialism of feminists and queers…

This is something I’ve noticed….

So-called liberal womyn will tell me, because I am a halfbreed, or as they put it, a”minority” that I must care about violence against womyn ™ …

Well, here’s the deal. When my feminist mom got mad-and it happened very, very often. I was her punching bag. In fact I had to get taken to the hospital on more than one occasion. I don’t remember it hurting that much, but I do remember the blood. So much fucking blood. Actually the stitches hurt worse than the punches and being thrown. And, somehow it wasn’t because mommy didn’t have self control. Sometime when I was around 12 she stopped hitting me and when I asked, she said it was because I was now bigger than her and she didn’t want to get hit back. Not one feminist gives a shit about that.

Do you really think violence against womyn ™ keeps me up at night?

However, these stinky feminist’s who don’t give one iota about the shit that I’ve been through demand I care that trashy womyn constantly hook up with violent men like Warmachine and Hugo Schwyzer. Yet I’m the “misogynist” for not being willing to use myself as a human shield against these “men’s” fists.

…and I know I sound like a broken record-I’ve brought this up before…

It’s not just liberals who pull this shit…

Look at how manuresphere tough guys use a low class racist like Jack Donovan to promote their bullshit white supremacist views-yes, Craptain Capitalism and fat Bernie Chapin-I’m looking at you. Of course if you are critical of Jackie boi, it is because you are a homophobe ™ -somehow similar how you can’t call out a trashy femanzi like Marcotte without being called a “misogynist.” But it’s obvious they use sleazeball Donovan to promote views they secretly hold but he actually says. Donovan says it because he knows that faggots, just like womyn get treated with the kids gloves. Faggots know they can say what they want because in modern society, you are not allowed to call a spade a spade.

Now another thing the PC “men’s right’s” and the Horney Badgers will never talk about is how faggots assault straight men in prison and molest boys with very little consequence. That sure as fuck is a men’s right’s issue, but POS Elam will NEVER bring that up. Let me state here, I know most gay men would never want to rape a straight man or boy just like most straight men don’t want to rape women or girls. Still I dislike and distrust gays. metallica_don_t_tread_on_me_snake_by_lzjoz-d81gvi7

Now I don’t want or need your sympathy. I just want to call out the hypocrisy and shaming these bullies try to use on low status men. Hopefully they will fail as their “tactics” brought out into the light of day.

10 thoughts on “The cultural imperialism of feminists and queers…

  1. Great post Stoner…I’ve had to endure a lot of the same nonsense.In my case it was my “Alpha” Dad. After he left my Mom and the elder of my two sisters took it out on me.Hell they even sabotaged me often (long story) so I’d not become a “sexual predator” or “oppress and use innocent women” .Man considering what many humans are one wonders why we needed to invent demons,devils and monsters…

  2. Good she stopped beating you before you hit back…if you had she’d have called the cops who would have “black knighted” (bullied you / roughed you up on her behalf ,got the term from the Game For Omegas blog guy to describe a rather nasty form of “white knighting) you…it’s all really fucked up.

    1. Your story is pretty similar to others I’ve seen – the abuse comes to an end once the kid gets strong enough to do serious damage. My money is that at the time your uncle white-knighted for your mom, he was still bigger than you.

      Christopher Michael Langan, who is supposedly one of the smartest people in the world, physically threw his abusive stepfather out of his home when he was fourteen.

  3. “I don’t want or need your sympathy.”

    You should never take sympathy for granted. Just because you’re receiving sympathy doesn’t mean you’re still that little boy getting beat up by your psychotic mother. And just because you’re receiving compassion doesn’t mean you’re a weakling or a loser.

    Sympathy and compassion are what separate the good from the evil, not the weak from the strong. Be careful when you spurn people’s sympathy or compassion as an insult to your awesomeness because one day, it may not be there and then your very life will be placed in jeopardy as a result.

    You’re playing with fire. Hellfire!

      1. No, it’s not a threat, just the path of least resistance. It’s easier to write off good as something only for the soft and the weak than to aspire to be good WHILE also being strong and determined and resolute. This path you’ve chosen? You’re playing on easy mode, son. Not hard.

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