Answering a Madman’s Question….

Here’s something I stumbled onto from male feminist Elliot Rodgers,

“Well would you rather be limited to 1000 calories a day and have a sex life with beautiful girls, or have all the food you want and forever be a virgin?”

Well, I guess I can’t go back to being a virgin again but I’d choose food over pussy. Hahaha, looks like I finally agree with David Futrelle and Matt Forney on something….

3 thoughts on “Answering a Madman’s Question….

  1. Funny, trying to cure myself of diabeties and complications I’m trying to eat 1k cals or less per day, so for awhile I won’t be getting much of either. That said stoner got any diet / workout tips? All the best .

    1. I eat horribly…

      haha, dinner was a chocolate cupcake…

      as far as workout, if you like biking, do that. If you like swimming do that. If you hate going to the gym and you tell yourself you must go 3 x a week, you are setting yourself up to fail. If you like hiking, just tell yourself you like hiking and you are setting aside time to enjoy yourself and feel better.

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