…here’s how *I* got laid….

First things first, I expect that the one and a half readers that actually respect me will lose respect after reading this…

Second, someone will tell me to go to a clinic and get a test…

Third, I still state that a man’s value isn’t related to how many vagina’s he’s inserted his penis in…

Fourth, yep, it is kind of yucky and I’m not advocating it but stating that because I was curious I tried it out and learned a little (just like psycadelic drugs)-so I will share and you can use or not use this info how ever you wish.

Fifth, just as has been mentioned on Mr. Black Pill’s blog that going to prostitutes won’t help you get relationships and sex from womyn who don’t work as prostitutes, what I’m telling you here won’t help with the girl at the grocery store…

Sixth, since this will (at least early on) involve the paying of some cash and an investment of time, you might decide that hiring a prostitute is a better investment–and probably no more risky as far as STD’s…

….now I am not recommending you try this, but, here is how I got laid….

If you are anywhere near a big city, I guarantee there are sex parties and sex clubs in your area.

There are many ways to find these. Clubs may be well known in your city and in fact even be listed on places like Yelp. They may be dedicated clubs or it might be a regular night club that sometimes hosts sex parties. I’ve even heard about them being hosted at adult bookstores. Parties can be hosted at hotels or in private residences. If it is a private residence, likely, you will only be allowed in if the host/hostess knows you personally. Parties can be found on craigslist. Some have yahoo groups and some are on sites like fetlife. (I was brielfy on fetlife but I met one girl who wanted me to choke her and a married lady who kept telling me her husband was down with her hooking up with me but I didn’t want to get shot–needless to say, I deleted fet life rather quickly.) Once you are involved in “the lifestyle” people will tell you about more parties….

There are different flavors of parties-swingers parties, rarely do they allow single men, you may be able to get in if you know the host/hostess and help as security or as a bartender. There are “gang bangs.” There will be a few women who will take on allot of guys. BBW means fat girls, actually, if you are not Matt Forney, this might be a good place to start as these sometimes have 50/50 male female ratios. And beware of “all inclusive”-it means that you will encounter Return of King authors such as Aaron Clarey who demand that they are really womyn because they threw on a dress and shaved their legs–all whilst forgetting to shave that telltale uni-brow. –insert gravely voice trying to speak in a high pitch and stale ceegar smoke “Gendar is a social construct, donchya know, now the real reason you don’t want to go in that dark corner with me, young man is because you are homophobic. Just remember to vote Republican, you transphobic anti-capitalist, you!”

For the parties that are open to single men and not invite only, there will usually be hefty fees. Single men can expect to pay $50-100. Couples about half that and single women are usually free. (Or they pay a very small “one time” membership fee.) At many parties, single women are rare and can be referred to as “unicorns.” Different parties will have different rules. Some will not allow alcohol. Others will be BYOB. Different parties will have different “cultures”-some will be downright hostile to single men and only allow them as to separate them from their cash. These are essentially “clip joints.” If you don’t have a good feeling in your gut, I’d say avoid. The harsh reality is many parties are fly by night and run by a few unscrupulous individuals trying to make a quick buck. These are most likely the one’s you find on Craigslist. However, even some of the sex clubs on Yelp are quite badly run. You can read a few reviews here by less than happy customers.

Now, it might take some reading before you find a place that you are comfortable trying and you might not find a woman who wants to fool around with you on the first try. Mathematically, it might make better sense to hire a prostitute if it doesn’t go against your ethics. However, if you do find a place where you are comfortable and want to continue going but not pay cash, ask the host/hostess or staff if there are any volunteer positions. Organizing these parties often take more effort than one realizes. A formal club may only have staff positions and like a night club, it may be competitive to get even a low pay position. However, the parties may need a volunteer and a great position if available is bartender. I actually volunteered as a bartender when I was unemployed IRL at one of these clubs. But the late hours and heavy drinking did start affecting my health-however, that is how I was able to hook up with a few women…

6 thoughts on “…here’s how *I* got laid….

  1. 1. I still respect you just as much as before this post, Stoner.

    2. I’m assuming you used a condom and were at least moderately discriminatory about who you hooked up with, so you’re probably fine. Obviously you know your own health/body better than anyone else.

    3. Well, yeah. Duh.

    4. What part(s) didn’t you like/thought were yucky? How was the experience overall?

    5. Good advice, good disclaimer

    6. True. That, plus they are professional contractors if you use a place like the Bunny Ranch.

    Don’t remember if this was your first time or just first time in a while, but I hope it was satisfying for you.

    1. 4. What part(s) didn’t you like/thought were yucky? How was the experience overall?

      It was good, bad and ugly. Don’t really feel like telling about specific encounters though. See bellow about drinking…

  2. Like Tarnshed, I haven’t lost respect towards you after reading that post, Stoner. As you’ve put it, it seems like the working hours at the bar are only bearable in a drunken state, if I’ve understood you correctly. That’s what I’ve noticed during my clubbing nights: That bartenders are sometimes remarkably tipsy to the point that they do an unusual slow service. Is it boredom or is it the mere opportunity to get drunk?

    Thanks to my lazyness, I luckily haven’t been able to turn my approaches into lays when I’ve lowered my standards (I’ve never got succesfully laid at all, btw). It still left that small mark of self contempt inside me, though. However, with the time that mark will vanish, I think.

    1. “That bartenders are sometimes remarkably tipsy to the point that they do an unusual slow service. Is it boredom or is it the mere opportunity to get drunk?”

      The start of my shift would be carrying coolers filled with ice and mopping floors. The first beer was just to reward myself after the grunt work. Beers 2 and 3 were just being sociable with the first customers that arrived, usually an older guy telling me about his experiences in Europe when he was in the military or such. Then the place would get busy, and I’d keep drinking just to keep my buzz and keep my mood. So for me it was boredom, and to be sociable and to cut down on anxiety as I talked to new people.

      You might find this article interesting…


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