AVfM is on a race towards the bottom, and I think they’ll even beat Jezzebel and TGMP….


La défense de Roosh

I suppose I am supposed to write an angry rant and battle point for point on why supporting Roosh IS NOT Men’s Rights….

But at this point it is fucking comedy….

They sound just like the feminist’s they claim to hate.

“Far from creating another Elliot Rodger─the murderer who joined a forum dedicated to hating pick-up artists and their ideas─Roosh’s speech, books, and website may prevent one.”

hahahahahahahaha—-so a place that ranks men as alpha, beta—oh, gosh, that filthy rung I’m on-neckbeard, micropenis, permavirgin omega, saves the world from Elliot Rodgers’s??????

Hahahahahaha, that’s about as honest as Feminism Helps Men….

And as far as the “supposed” pushback, thanks Fiddelbooger that you don’t want to be “politically” ASSociated with creeper Roosh…

No mention on how ranking men by their sexual success is gynocentrism and pussy worship to the extreme. Because Fiddelbooger, you don’t care about men, if men are a house and feminism is the fire, you will piss on the house and laugh when the fire burns it, right? Or some other rhetorical bullshit, but you don’t want your precious AVfM ASSociated with creeper Roosh.

I bet Elam and his storm puppies will ban anyone who says that PUA is snake oil designed to part lonely, gullible men from their hard earned cash.

And, no I wouldn’t accept ‘luudes, beer, shots or even food from Fiddelboggen, Roosh, Jack Donovan or Paul Elam. I wan to keep my asshole cherry. I’m sure that’s vyctym blaming and hom-0-phobia ™ combined (oh, the kyriarchical intersectionality) but I don’t give a shit. Common sense is common sense. AVfM hasn’t done a thing for low status men and the sooner they stop begging for donations and shut the fuck up, the better off we’ll all be…

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