Tasteless comedy hour….

Jack Donovan, Bernie Chapin and Chuck Rudd put on their KKK outfits with matching diaper for the head dress to burn some crosses. They accidentally pour the inflamant on themselves and when one of them drops their cigar-KABOOM

Punchline-What a bunch of flaming faggots-drum roll…

“Kate”Jenner was assured that when “she” got the operation, “she’d” look like a womyn. But that’s not the full story-there was a picture of Mandy Marcotte in the doctors office and the doctor told “Kate”-“dude, if you look as unpassable as that freak show-full refund, no questions asked.”

Matt Forney goes to an HBD blog, writes how “mino’s” and “POC’s” aren’t fully human because “poor impulse control” ™ –then slithers over to his fridge and wonders why he can’t stop eating after the 79th slice of pizza. How come this doesn’t prove HBD wrong, enquiring minds want to know…

Dominant males like Warmachine and Hugo Schwyzer are experts at beating on low status men but when it comes time to kill themselves they always mess it up. Someone should market a brand of gun to these guys called Fake-0-cide, then when hey pull the trigger expecting a fake bullet-BOOM-blood and brain matter splatters the wall. He who laughs last laughs best and that would make me laugh my ass off…

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