Piss and Poop…AKA what I really think of feminists and M(h)RA’s….

Okay, so creepy crawly Roosh is crying that he could have been set ablaze if someone threw a cigarette at him after he was doused in liquor…

Well, it would be pretty funny if that happened, the only downside is it would take me some time to think up a really good flaming faggot joke….

But, since y’all know I am a really, really Nice Guy-I am feeling charitable towards Rooshiepoops and his M(h)RA daddie Paulie Elam. If they are set ablaze by an evil feminist, I will save them by pissing on them. As I know they are quite deviant, they likely have an Urolagnia fetish. While I am willing to save their wretched life, I really don’t want to participate in their creepy pleasure. But since I am a really nice guy, I will allow them to purchase my services on a retainer of $30,000 a year. And since they are both alpha males who bilk beta males out of cash almost as successfully as house whores, err, house wives (sorry for insulting whores, they provide a valuable service) like Judgy bitch– well 30k to them is like the cost of a pack of ciggs to the rest of us, it ain’t shit baby…

and since I am a true gender egalitarian at heart, well, then, I must also extend my services to feminist’s.

and since M(h)RA’s haven’t (yet) threatened to douse femmies with flamable liquids and light ’em up, well, in the course of gender parity, I will have to offer a different service. I will poop on feminist’s. Not quite the ole’ Cleveland Steamer, just a poop and go. And in honour ™ of that made up 77 cents for every dollar men earn, I’ll extend this service to femmies for 21k for every steaming pile. Just imagine how much better Mandy Marcotte would look covered in dookie, she couldn’t look any worse. And a freakshow like David Futrelle might surprise us all as he happily eats the dookie like it’s chocolate ice cream. I’d probably start laughing and puking at the same time.

Now remember, I ain’t advocating violence against either dispicable group, but it would be funny to see them hug and make up all covered in piss and poop….

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