My advice, if you are unfortunate enough to meet a white nationalist or feminist in real life….

Don’t be all M(h)RA and “engage them in discourse.”

Try to avoid them as much as possible…

Sucks if you have to work with them…

Probably time to find another job though…

I would also recommend avoiding manurespherians like Roosh and Craptain Capitalism-they would be afraid to hit a girl even though they want to. They might likely hit you, not fearing that white knights will defend you. But when you give them the beatdown they deserve, just look how their rich dad’s lawyers could get your ass thrown in jail. Then your fulltime job will be making sure buttbandits like Jack Donovan don’t assrape you.

Again, better to avoid these fuckers in the first place-look how M(h)RA’s obsessively seek out and then engage feminists. A bad strategy, I advise the opposite. Avoid these fuckers. Learn about the dangers of these people online, then avoid and disengage in real life. Try to avoid twitter and social media as much as possible. Use a fake name online. Don’t show your face. Stay in the shadows. Don’t meet people from the interwebs and especially don’t agree to any interviews or anything that can doxx you. Also don’t agree to talk to any media, even for a Q and A session.

Stay safe, live long, prosper…

7 thoughts on “Disengage

  1. Ooops, too late for me!

    No, I haven’t been d0xx’d, yet. Also, I’ve never dropped my opinion online on gender issues together with my full name. There are people though who are able to dox me if I would upset them too much. Sometimes I dropped comments here and there about which I feel embarassed now. I was driven by too much enthusiasm.

    Anyway, I keep my head now as low as possible in the hope that femmies, WNs and trolls are going for the much more visible & vocal targets on the internet. If I would go the 99% safe way, I would change my name, leave the country and break off all old and recent social contacts.

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