It’s official… I am a blue pill mangina…

I saw Mad Max

Craptain Capitalism and Paulie boi Elam are vewwy, vewwy mahd….

So mad they will have to twitter rant to Dean Esmay and doxx a MGTOW just because to feel better about all the SJW tomfoolery…

hahaha, at one point, Max talks about “going his own way”–then he saves the ladies from their 160+ day trek over the land of salts to go back to where they escaped from freeing all the water the rapey patriarchical overlord was keeping for himself…

…and then Maxiepoops dissappears into a crowd as Furiosa looks on with what the manuresphere would call Gina Tingles. And I can’t figure out if ‘ole Maxiepads is a beta mangina for saving teh wimminz or a TRP natural alpha for saving teh wimmenz…

and then there was that weird thing about Maxaroonie being a blood bank for Davis Arunie’s buffed out, healthier looking acting double. And then he’s Furiosa’s blood bank. I hope a right wing alpha male like Jack Donovan doesn’t get any ideas about how to spread his blood borne pathogens to Red Pillers who don’t consent to rectally administered testosterone shots like Cappity Cap and Roosh 5. But luckily, we need not worry as Real Men ™ would never watch such vile, liberal, pinko socialist pornography as this movie. And they like their action movies like they like their porno movies-with lotts of sweaty buff men going arghhhhhhh and absolutely NO Womyn because then the womyn would get paid, and er, um, wage gap or something. Rememeber, real men like Aaron Clarey like their steak made from puppy dogs so mangina’s like me cry their male tears that Jessica Valenti then swims in.

I watched this at some weird Yer-0-Peon type theatre because they served beer. So realizing, that even though I already didn’t have a man card but if I did I would lose it by watching this. So I bought an 8 dollar beer, yes the most expensive beer I ever purchased. But since Cappy Crap is always drunk and ranting I figured he would think I was less of a liberal faygot if I bought the most expensive beer of my life to get my mancard back. Well, the card I didn’t lose because I never had it in the first place. And I never voted for O’bombya and I never slipped it in a dude’s backdoor but surely I am a liberal faygot, just because-because only republican men like Aaron can be real men. And they can fuck lotts of men but they aren’t faygots because they say, yeah, take my three and a half incher like a real man, you liberal, little grrrl, socialist faygot, you. So I sipped on my expensive beer like the little girl Crappy says I am because I wanted to savor the flavor and feel Yer-0-peon drinking beer in a movie theater. I suppose I will never get to be a real man like Aaron, I could never have a ceegar in my mouth like he does-you need to service 1000 men behind a glory hole to suck that ceegar like a real man,and well, I’m just to much of a commie to suck that ceegar like a real man. But hopefully that 8 dollar beer made me a less sissy shade of pink. Hopefully I went from vaginal lining pink to merely commie, socialist faygot pink…

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