Deanie Weenie

some people might say he is “mentally ill”–my best guess is this is AVfM’s attempt at “strategy.” Elam plays good cop and Esmay bad cop….

If he wasn’t a bully of low status men I might feel bad for him, but he’s just another low class bully ala Jack Donovan or Hugo Schwyzer-just look how these male feminist’s dish it out but can’t take it….

Right now, Esmay has been making (likely) false accusations against women. I won’t defend them because that would be benevolent sexism and I am not a misogynist. However, I will put up a warning to low status bachelor men. HAVE NO CONTACT with M(h)RA’s or former M(h)RA’s. I believe they are capable of violence and more likely to commit violence against low status men because a) society cares less about violence against low status men and b) low status men are more likely to live alone and have no social support network, thus they are less likely to be able to reach out for help and prosecute a criminal offense….

Stay Safe.

Stay Undoxxed.

Stay Suspiscous.

Refuse contact IRL and don’t go to any “meet-up’s.”

5 thoughts on “Deanie Weenie

      1. The annoying thing is, Paul Elam had a good thing going for a few years. His site was good at raising awareness, now the site is a joke.

        Paul has damaged the MRM with his antics.

        I believe in the MRM in theory, but no one practices it. You get groups like CAFE offering feminists reward money to find their attacks, money raised to help men.

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