I remeber politely trying to tell alpha male Paul Elam that being connected to a white supremacist sympathetic site was problematic….


hahahaha, I don’t suppose manurespherians like Jack Don-0-van, Matt Forney, Chuck Rudd or Clarence in Baltimore will approve…. But I don’t care, they are pedaling conspiracies like HBD and are against true men’s rights. Even true men’s right’s for full blooded white men at that….

I’ve “been ranting like a madman” about this….

…even got banned from that bastion of liberal politics “feminist critics” because I wouldn’t let up on this topic…

Now there are allot of racist feminist’s but goddamnit, M(h)RA’s they’ve done a far better job acknowledging reality on this particular topic than you have. To paraphrase GWW, “clean up your shit.”

for no particular reason, here’s a cool song…

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