“tactics” of a manuresphere chickenhawk…

1) call anyone who disagrees with them a leftist Marxist. Then uses the same sleazy tactics they claim only leftists use when they can’t come up with an intellectual argument. Those tactics include, but are not limited to doxxing, lying, name-calling and harassing a person at work.

2) claim that one must adhere to an obscure “manifesto” of dubious nature.

3) Constantly blame feminism and the left wing for ALL of men’s problems. But get super angry when anyone brings up the role of traditionalism in regards to male disposability.

4) Tell younger men to join the military when they, themselves never served. All while complaining about evilllie Big GOV and never realizing the irony that military spending is a HUGE part of Gov spending.

5) Call men they disagree with “misogynists” and “basement dwelling virgins” all whilst having ranting screeds calling womyn bitches and cunts and proclaiming that they are sexual success stories.

6) Lecturing others about fitness and health when they themselves are grossly out of shape and/ or constantly chain smoking/ drinking hard liquor in their Youtube videos.

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