Over 40 “men”

This is something I’ve noticed online and in real life….

It is the tendency of older men to treat younger men like absolute garbage…

We needed fathers and older brothers but you guys are weak and we saw what not to be…

It can be seen when “men” like Roosh, Jack Donovan, Dean Esmay, Captain Capitalism and Paul Elam try to hurt lower status men who are quite frankly smarter, harder working, kinder and more noble than they will ever be….

I’ve experienced this IRL with fuckers I was unfortunate enough to work with. One was a sleaze bag who worked in the mortgage industry and then when I was a lowly cold caller, he would go out of his way to steal commissions I earned. Another was a slime bucket who thinks because he snuck over the border that he is better than me because I was born in the shithole US. He’s a vile POS who hide my lunch on me when we worked a trade show together. I hardly ate the whole day and was almost at the point of collapsing. He kept on pestering me until I began yelling at him in a meeting and told him to stop with the bullshit and his lies. I thought I was going to be fired for the outburst, but I guess others had similar problems with the dirtbag because, unfortunately I am still there. And, wouldn’t you know it, just like a garden variety M(h)RA, they let you know they are real men ™ because of how much pussy they (supposedly) get….

Fuck it, I don’t stand along “men” who think I’m a piece of shit.

And I actively hope AVfM and Paul Elam fail….

(And if you support true men’s rights, why wouldn’t you feel the same way????)

One thought on “Over 40 “men”

  1. I caught the same garbage when I was younger, it was wrong then and it’s wrong now.Then again I have a kid brother and nephew I want to have decent lives so maybe I have a different perspective than most of my fellow Gen-Xers. I have also heard “Well the new people should learn to suck it up” . To me that begs the question “Why?” . I mean what is the point of treating anyone like garbage ? I don’t get it and don’t think I want to …I mean what is the point in making life so hard and nasty except some cruds seem to REALLY get off on making other people miserable.

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