The Nasty Game of Doxxing…

Okay, so here is a fight I don’t particularly have a dog in…

I ain’t an atheist and I most certainly ain’t a feminist…

Long story short, a feminist (who had been attacked by Dean Esmay with most likely false allegations) attacked a famous atheist blogger and tried to get him fired from his job. Ironically, she labelled herself as a business owner and stated that his beliefs were reprehensible and that made his employer look bad. She, in my estimation falsely compared him to the Subway guy who allegedly hurt kids. I believe this is a false equivalence because–a) he isn’t a spokesperson, he is a researcher. b) I don’t think it is an employer’s business what an employee does off the clock so long as it isn’t illegal–and in my estimation it is also not an employer’s business if an employee smokes marijuana. Of course there may be some instances, such as airline pilots or big riggers who may be affected by marijuana but for the average rank and file employee answering phones, who cares.

Now to give an example of what this feminist did, it’s like if someone found out a broad with a 9-to-5 protested against a state’s de-funding of Planned Parenthood. Then that someone called said broad’s place of employment leaving harassing messages about the lady’s protest activity. So long as this lady was not threatening anybody with violence (and, on another note, a case can be made that threatening someone’s lively hood is a form of violence) why should someone care so long as the protesting was taking place on the woman’s own time or perhaps time she had taken off from work???

So apparently the feminist attacked the atheist’s lively hood and was okay with him potentially winding up on the street. She also thought she was untouchable as a manager/business owner. His storm puppies attacked back and now her hubby is crying about the harm to the family business. I suppose the “collateral damage” (to use the sexy PC term the military uses when they murder civilians) are the tradesmen who work for the family owned company. Perhaps some of them can find work at a competitor’s company or some may decide to strike out on their own.

Well, as anyone reading my blog knows, I am a selfish, self-absorbed bastard. So, to paraphrase what Hugo Skeezer said to his students before saying, “You know what you gotta do to pass” as he unzipped his fly… “Enough about you, let’s talk about ME.”

What would happen if I was doxxed???

Likely nothing. I doubt it would get me fired from my job. Anything said here, aka that I don’t like White Nationalist’s or whining that I could hardly get laid in a whorehouse with a hand full of fifties would likely be responded to as “Yup, we figured.”

And the NSA already knows how many times a day everyone takes a poop. So if O’Bombya does declare marshall law and set up internment camps for anyone who doesn’t like him, well I’m fucked with half the rest of the country…

Same shit different day as they say…

But seeing as I don’t have much to lose. What would happen if I was forced to crushing poverty or destitution? The irony is it would likely push me to crime in order to survive. So the mean spirited action of a man-hating feminist would actually push me closer to being a criminal and confirm her flawed view that “men are the violence class.” Or if it was an alt-right, HBD race realist nazi, then their hateful actions would push me closer to crime, not “poor impulse control” because, y’know Steve Sailer (yup, it’s Sailer, not Sailor, you race realist idiots can’t even spell the name of your beloved idol correctly.) Hahahaha, I suppose that is mutherfucking confirmation bias or some similar crap….

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