this’ll get me labelled a bigot by all you hypocrite liberals

well, if you don’t like it…

stay the fuck away from me….

We’ll both be far happier that way….

Read this motherfucker of an article…

oopsie, I was supposed to issue a “trigger warning” because you didn’t want to hear the truth today–sorry I didn’t direct you to puppy dogs and sunshine…

Now, I knew things were really off when an “androphile” like Jack Donovan was creeping around supposedly str8 pussy worshipping PUA’s like Roosh and Forney….

Why would a straight guy want to hang out with a gay? Fashion advice and to learn how to talk like a girl, uh, I mean talk to a girl….

Joking, just joking…

but here’s some more reading for you…

funny how in the manuresphere, a certain androphile is adored…

funny their obsession with “masculinity”

funny how M(h)RA’s obsess over womyn raping men (not saying womyn don’t do terrible things, they sure as fuck do.) Why do they never talk about the huge number of men being assraped in prison by men? Is it because they are liberals who are afraid about being seen as anti-gay? Or is it because some of them are predatory queers who would hurt another man or boy?

How many guys have killed themselves after some macho (likely straight acting) queers forced their “orientation” violently up their rectums?

Now obviously, I ain’t saying that every gay dude wants to rape every straight guy, that is just as silly as saying every straight man wants to rape every woman. And since I sure as fuck am not a feminist, I won’t say anything that silly. However, in hypocrite America you get labelled a bigot as soon as you say anything that doesn’t bend over for the gay agenda. It sure as fuck seems like everyone is okay with Jack Donovan saying I’m less human because of some bullshit pseudoscience called HBD. But I’m a bigot if I openly say I shouldn’t have to be forced to associate with gays, or androphiles or whatever LGBQueerty acronym those assholes demand to be called today…

If MGTOW actually cared about men, they would say avoid the fucking military and goddamned prison just as sure as fuck as you avoid marriage…

One thought on “this’ll get me labelled a bigot by all you hypocrite liberals

  1. Like LEGITIMATE cases of male-on-female rape, male-on-male rape has an element of dominance to it. Whether prison, military, or Delivrance, or whatever, it is, in a twisted way, the ultimate expression of male alphatude; “Girl, guy, gonna fuck ya and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Which may explain the love affair much of the ‘sphere has with Donovan.

    Just a random thought: How many Donovan fanbois have rape fantasies involving him?

    Better yet, let’s leave that alone.

    Keep in mind that the media has little interest in reporting this kind of stuff. They’ll do so because someone leaked the numbers… the individual(s) responsible I’m sure are on their way to a yearlong tour of duty in Alaska. ANdwith all the “real” rape stuff to report, most people will have missed it.

    Time for the MGTOW and MGTOW-esque to accept that nobody cares about men except as ATMs and maintaining the current level of comfort. As long as the electricity is running, it’s gonna be a feminister’s paradise.

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