I don’t trust a “men’s movement” that features womyn…

Okay, so there’s all this talk of some Red Pill movie. Manboobz has his panties up in a bunch about it and some director broad who calls herself a feminist called him a misogynist. Hahahahahahahaha….

More interwebz drama from creepers I am quite happy to never meet in real life….

If it ended there, we’d be all good…

But look at this shit, a movie about “men’s rights” made by a womyn. Even if her views are more favorable to low status men than the average man hater, er, feminist, it will still be seen through a womyn’s lense of what is good for men. And it’s fucking condescending. A womyn doesn’t know what it is like to be a man and a man doesn’t know what it’s like to be a womyn. Well, alright, you’ve got the Futrelle’s of the world saying gendar is a social construct ™ so that they can be let into the womyn’s restroom and not be called a pervert. (and of course they are more than willing to throw a low status man under the buss to prove their “rad fem” cred.) But since I think Fuitty is a liar and a bigot… Well, I guess I ain’t trying to sneak into the ladies room by saying “I was born in da wrong body.”

So why the fuck do men need womyn’s permission to talk about their lives? We are the “privileged” one’s, right? Right????

Well, maybe not. Seems like it is the servant that needs to ask the master for permission.

Fuck that shit….

I actively hope AVfM fails….

I actively hope David Futrelle is shown for the liar that he is….

Now womyn go back to feminism and stop talking down to low status men…

12 thoughts on “I don’t trust a “men’s movement” that features womyn…

  1. The amount of fuss generated over a film just intending to be objective about men just shows how fucked the current situation is. I”ll probably watch it at some point. I hope it’s good. But am I excited by the prospect? No.

    At this point I’m not even sure what game avfm is playing. I do know that I barely look at the blog at all. Let alone the comments

      1. Pigtow was when he jumped the shark. Haven’t seen anything since to make me reconsider.

        Sargon is…generally good, but not great. Politically he’s a prat. Anyone who unironically considers voting for Corbyn is a fucking retard. He’s on much safer ground with Gamergate, much safer. He’s embarrassing when he talks about mgtow and mra.

  2. I don’t know how to think about this film. On the one hand, it could be good at sparking conversation with those who are normally ignorant about such topics. On the other…you’re right, it was done by a woman. As such, it *could* be completely honest in its intended purpose or it could be a way of getting men back to “their places”. I’ve debated off and on over the years about setting up a YouTube channel to discuss these topics, but already know I would never do it in such a way that a viewer could tell I was female. Points should stand on their own merit, regardless of who’s making them. It’s a sad indicator of how low we’ve fallen, that a male film director would just be seen as whiny if he made the same thing this woman did.

    1. men should talk about men’s experiences. They shouldn’t need womyn’s permission. I don’t know what it’s like to menstruate or give birth. I don’t talk about what a womyn goes through. It’s condescending when men need womyn to talk about their experiences. Men should be able to openly talk about things without being called a “misogynist” if the conversation doesn’t go back to how it benefits womyn….

      You don’t know what it’s like to be a man, you can hang out and talk to men but you haven’t experienced what men are thrust into. You might experience other pressures that you believe cause you a similar amount of distress but they are not the same.

      1. Exactly. But our society is so screwed up it can’t come to terms with the fact men and women can share some experiences but not others. Heck, they don’t even want to hear what *individual* men go through, much less entire segments.

      2. the whole thing is “mommy may I”-if GWW says it’s real, it’s maybe real. Here’s the rub, she is “genderqueer.” She likes womyn who she can dominate and men who can dominate her. She has this view of gender and relationships that is totally skewed to my own, yet something isn’t “real” until someone like her or Typhon Blue say it is? Bullshit. There’s a website where Alek Novy and a few of us wrote about the unfairness of courtsip and dating. Do you think GWW experiences that? Nope she can get Dick on Monday, Pussy on Tuesday and on Wed walk into the Pansexual convention. She has no idea (nor care) what things are like for me. She ain’t my voice and it’s condescending that I should consider her an ally…

      3. Exactly. Individuals who have shared the same/extremely similar experiences should be able to talk about those experiences. If you haven’t dealt with X, you’re hardly in a position to discuss X, for the most part. Like you, I am not pansexual/genderqueer, nor have I given birth, or have even experienced “real” menstruation. But I also have no idea what modern courtship is like, either the pros or cons. Ergo, I can’t talk about it…just listen to what others say they have seen, sympathize with their trials, and ask questions about it.

      4. You shouldn’t be forced to consider anyone an ally, especially if they don’t take time to consider what you go through. Nobody needs to be given pretty words by someone who doesn’t actually give a damn.

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