We shouldn’t let “terrorism” create a more authoritarian state….

So in the United States, one thing that most people can agree upon is that we are experiencing more government monitoring and less freedom.

I just think that the recent events in France will lead politicians to demand more control over American citizens in order to keep them “safe.”

This begs the bigger question, is this the land of the free and home of the brave?

Or is this the land of the meek and easily controlled?

We’ve seen stagnating if not declining wages and essentially a lowered standard of living for the average person…

Ironically, if you look at a financial article, they will measure economic progress by high housing and energy costs. Interesting times ahead as employment is gaining and gas is cheap (but for how long?)

Some say that the gains being made in employment will drive wages higher. However, this might just be a calm before a storm.

When you look at Europe with hordes of young men seeking “asylum,” what you really have is German leaders looking for cheap labor. It’s the same thing Americans have seen in California and Texas. It’s the allmighty dollar driving things-but everyone will make it about race because it is easier to see someone’s skin color than to see how a political choice further enriches one group. The racialist’s won’t dare look at the fact that people with the same skin color were willing to throw them under the buss for a few extra dollars. They will have to keep looking for the next Zionist conspiracy. And the invaders, well, aren’t they following the mantra on which lead to the expansion of this here US of A-“Go west young man.”

Slowly but surely we will see restricted freedoms as the elite and corporate interests will not want “the big game” revealed. We will also see “conspiracy theories.” I believe that the elite will be quite happy with a perceived “witch hunt” against the theorists but no real action as the theorist’s only divert the public’s perception on what is really happening.

Ironically we will see groups that seem opposed on the surface calling for similar action. Perhaps similar to how feminists and fundamentalist Christians stood alongside each other as they protested against pornography. We will likely see so-called liberals demanding for more safety and so-called conservatives also demanding for more authoritarian measures under the guise of keeping America safe. What I predict may happen in a few years even, is traveling to different states, you will require documentation. You will perhaps require more than a drivers license. And I imagine they may check credit, allowing those with finances through and those who are unemployed, sent back to their state of origin. However, if a state experiences “labor shortages” such as when there is an oil boom or if elites need gardeners and nanny’s, document requirements will “magically” be less. Strange, how those right wingers who babble on and on about “state right’s” might actually see states demand that citizens passing through prove why they are passing through. This could happen several ways, state troopers relentlessly stopping vehicles with out of state plates and arresting those that weren’t creditworthy. It could also mean border stops between states. And all this under the guise of keeping America safe from terror….

2 thoughts on “We shouldn’t let “terrorism” create a more authoritarian state….

    1. yes, in fact average lifespans for American’s would likely increase if the gov’t told people to walk for 30-45 minutes a day…

      but “terrorism” is just anther way to control people and allow gov’t’s to do bad things in the name of safety…

      (not a “terrorist apologist” by any means though.)

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