If the Alt-Reich was logically consistent…

haha, well, dealing with the alt-reich is allot like dealing with a feminist-expect lots of insults and NO LOGICAL ARGUMENT….

But if they were logical, well, you might see an article like this…

Heartiste or some other wannabe nazi would mention that the real reason Angela Merkel is letting in all the immigrants is because see heard stories about American GI’s and Soviets from older women and she finds German men, ahem, lacking.  Isn’t that the logic Fartiste would use?  That Merkel is hungry for some immigrant cock?  How come he ain’t using that angle?

Also, just like feminist’s who expect you to love oral sex and have sex while they are on their period, creepy crawly Jack Don-o-van has a book about “Blood alliances”.  Hey, call me a sex negative puritan, but if a party animal like Charlie Sheen can get AIDS, well, hell I expect condoms to be flying off the wall the way guns are these days.  Cause, shit, if you are gonna be scared that every time some lady in a burka walks by that she is gonna start playing real life Gears of War or if you might encounter a disgruntled reader of the Daily Stormer who can actually shoot str8–well then you sure as shit should be afraid that someone who wants to have vampire, fluid spilling dirty sex with you might not be as “clean” as they’d like you to think.  I sure as shit wouldn’t want to get any of Jill Filipovic’s or Jack Donovan’s fluids on me.  In fact, this is a big part of why I resist the urge to get into fist fights these days.  I’m not to worried about getting my ass kicked or about getting hit in the face.   But I am shit scared about getting someone’s blood on me…

So, in all seriousness, here is a question I must pose for the strategic stinkers, er, thinkers of the alt-reich…

…if I am unjustly imprisoned because the US becomes more totalitarian and censors my right to free speech… Let’s say I have the misfortune of being imprisoned with Rooshie Poops. And hearing that he is a “rape artist” and fearing that close quarters might make him decide to “bat for the other team.” Well, let’s just say I beat him up in preemptive self defense of my back door cherry. Does that make me an Islam-0-phobe ™ or a hom-0-phobe ™ ????

Inquiring minds want to know…



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