They are just selling you anger, not solutions…

haha, if anyone is even still reading my blog at this point-Merry XXXmas and a Naughty New Year…

Okay, I realize that I haven’t written much of substance lately…

I’m happier in my personal life-or at least at peace with my current situation and it’s just difficult to get myself in a tizzy and write about some lunatic feminist/mra/man-0-sperian anymore….

I have more free time than I’ve had in awhile and I can dedicate that to personal projects…

While it is fun to make meme’s of mean spirited idiots and I can say things more easily visually than by writing an article, well it’s really not so gratifying…

Just a realization that I’m sure most people reached much sooner than I had–all these supposed “alpha males”  (and I presume much is going on in a similar fashion in feminism just from womyn) like Roosh, Aaron Clarey and Paul Elam–they aren’t selling you solutions to your problems, they are selling you anger.  I suppose there is some similar correlation from Trump or any other politician but I don’t really feel like trying to connect those dots.  You won’t wind up a “better man” by following manurespere advice.  You can stay in an “angry phase” though.  I suppose anger is addictive.  You get to raise up your arms and rant and say, “Looky-see I AM RIGHT!”


However, will that really lead to anything great in the long term?  Did you build anything?  See anything new?  Of course these guys want an angry crowd.  They are marketers and the average drug dealer likely cares more for the health of his customers than these shysters do.


Aside from writing warnings about what a pit places like AVfM are, it is probably healthiest to say “nothing to see here, move along…”

These guys don’t have answers and they don’t deserve anyone’s money.  Ironic when they talk about free markets because a market that demands value shows that these guys are worse than inefficient, they are a negative…



2 thoughts on “They are just selling you anger, not solutions…

  1. Wishes back, Stoner!

    I guess, everything that had to be said about the BS in the manosphere and ‘mainstream’ has been said on the internet. No matter which ‘adversaries’ you’re stumbling across, it is now better to be creative and pave your own way. Fighting time is over (for a while). I just hope for the clueless that they find those life-saving advices, for the case they don’t get the idea themselves as early as possible.

    It’s nice to hear that you’ve managed to move on with your life. Personally, I’m still in a basic construcion phase but it’s getting forward.

    I wish you success with your projects!

    2016 is going to be awesome!

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