Force Multiplier

Well, every so often I’ll read some military strategy type stuff and I saw this concept mentioned by Stanley McChrystal.

There is an old quote from Abraham Lincoln, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”

Since I love old school shooters, I tend to think that when you are about to fight the boss at the end of the level, you want to go in powered up.

Now, it’s funny because allot of the trad con/”libertarian” types that seem to want to hang around so-called MGTOW spaces seem to have bought into all that Republican talk about “hard work.”  Now that “pull yourself up by the bootstraps” talk will only get you so far.  It’s like saying “fake it to make it.”  If you are paying high rent, working 2 or 3 low wage jobs and you’ve got debt, will you ever get ahead? At best you will just be treading water.  But that mantra is “work hard.”

I don’t suppose that all that ride sharing stuff is a great way to earn a livelyhood, but I’ve heard different times give different rates.  So wouldn’t someone who has flexibility prefer to work 3 days for peak pay rather than 5 for lower pay?

Allot of the “libertarian”/”trad con” “work hard” speeches only have meaning if someone is able to leverage good wages, not spend it all (or have it all taxed) and live freely.  But the reality is that allot of the work hard corporatism/careerism/consumerism doesn’t lead to more individual freedom….

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