Something M(h)RA’s like Typhone Blue will want banned….



and of course since all the AVfMer’s want to cozy on up to anti-semites, er, ubermen of the alt reich like Aurini and white guy with a tan Roosh 5, they will cry every time Panama or some other classic Van Halen song plays because rumor has it David Lee Roth might be …wisper…wisper… a jew.

I think it’s funny when manurespherians like Aaron Clarey try to tell men not to watch movies.  It’s like when I was kid and was told heavy metal and guns were evil.  I love listening to heavy metal and shooting guns.  Seems like a “leftist” activity to tell people not to do shit or see shit.

Heck, I remember seeing an interview with Lemmy from Motorhead and he mentioned how people just want to be offended.  How they will go out of their way to be offended because someone drew a pentagram on a notebook.  Weird….

now please don’t tell me you started crying because there wasn’t a trigger warning on this post…

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