Whatever happened to Ghosting???

I remember a few years back when I heard about MGTOW, I also heard about “going ghost.”  The idea was that a MGTOW blogger wouldn’t be blogging anymore at some point.  He had essentially renegotiated his “deal with society.”  For different men that was going to mean different things. One guy may have saved up cash and was going to travel.  One guy was gonna go off the grid completely.  And another was gonna live on the cheap in a tiny place on the edge of town and work part-time.  The blog and MGTOW was a means to an end, it wasn’t an endgame.

Things have changed, most MGTOW content producers have put much of their output onto Youtube.  (There are many reason why this might not be a good idea but I won’t go into that here.)   For me personally, it is much easier to read half a dozen or so blog posts while listening to music and checking emails than to sit through one long winded Youtube video.  Perhaps another reason that more content is moving to Youtube is that it may be easier to monitize than a blog.  Also, it seemed like older content was far less attached to the idea of “the red pill.”  If you guys want to be seen as something far different than AVfM, why use the same lingo?

So the question that I must ask is why is something that seemed central to MGTOW disappearing?  Is it no longer relevant?  Or do content producers who want to turn a buck not want a concept involved that inherently means “moving on.”

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