this cracks me up…

Okay, I guess Rob Flynn is from the Bay area….

Bay Area thrash…  So he has those lyberal progressive polyticks…

We all knew Dimebag was a hick from Texas but that motherfucker could play guitar like hardly any other.  And did anyone ever take Phil Anselmo serious?  He’s kinda like your drunk, racist uncle….

I love metal, never liked “the scene.”  Always thought metalheads were scumbags.  Never liked how they were either backwoods rednecks or liberal, holier than thou progressives.  Haha, I remember when a metal girl, a white broad with tats freaked out when I referred to myself as a halfbreed, ‘murrikan mutt.  Haha, if I can’t even call myself a halfbreed, PC has gone way to fucking far….

Okay, Rob Flynn, I respect you and disrespect you.  I’d say that to your face.  Machinehead is one of the best bands and one of the worst bands I’ve ever seen.  I’ve seen you own a show, when you ran out of songs.  When you played “SweetChild of Mine.” Haha, wasn’t the hugest Machinehead fan but that night you pulled it off.  Killed it.  Dude, then I saw ya get upstaged by Arch Enemy.  They did their shit, super tight.  Tough act to follow.  Half the audience left.  You didn’t give a fuck about the half that stayed.  You played half assed and cut the set short.  I’ve seen kids out of the garage do far better just because they gave a shit.  You went from a band I’d check out if I got the chance, to must see, to, argh, only if there are a bunch of other bands on the bill….

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