Toxic Masculinity….

….does indeed exist…

….unfortunately feminist womyn didn’t quite define it correctly…

…it is the tendency of men to bash other men, there IS NO Male Solidarity…

…feminist’s will say that patriarchy is a system whereas (all) men are “privileged” and have power over womyn.  Pretty obvious for anyone who’s head isn’t stuck up their ass that this is not the case.  What feminist’s fail to realize is that there is no men’s right’s not because there is no need for men’s right’s but because men will war against each other for just a sniff of pussy.  You might think that gay men might be your ally’s, but just check out Jack Donovan or Milo Y or any other of the crackpots from the alt-reich and you’ll quickly see this isn’t the case.  If rapes are happening (and that’s a big fucking if) in Germany, it sure as fuck isn’t non-white MGTOW’s in other parts of the world’s problem. If it’s anyone’s problem it’s feminism’s.  Let them deal with it because they don’t give a shit about me and I don’t have the resources or the desire to defend womyn in another part of the world who wouldn’t give me the time of day.  Remember how feminist’s love to tell men “not to rape.”  Funny, how according to feminist’s and PUAtard’s everywhere, I’m some incel loser who couldn’t get laid in a whorehouse with a hand full of fifties.  Well, do you really think that I am going to bother going to some bar tonight where “Sara the Slut” who is too good for me anyways is gonna get drunk so she can get hit on by “Matt Frat” and have some enthousiastic consent, or is it too drunk to consent  encounter.  Nope, I’m not gonna be Mister Creepy and stand at the bar and say, “Um Sara the Slut, don’t go back to Matt Frat’s place because RAYYYYYYPE.”  No one wants me to do that, least of all me.  Teach men not to rape.  Well, I am not Mr. Security.  It’s not my job to protect womyn.  Anyone who tries to guilt me so can go back to the uber-faggots of the alt-reich and bend over for Andrew Anglin and David Duke.  Fuck You!

That’s just as dishonest as saying I can’t stand Hillary Clinton because she is a womyn.  Maybe it is because she is a fucking liar.

Just look at this shitpit of a thread…

Now, if you aren’t raping, you are not a rapist and it isn’t your fault if the girls want a night out drinking.  They can hire their own security.  Anything else IS NOT a MGTOW position.  And, yeah, I don’t really identify as MGTOW, but it’s funny how those guys let “their movement” be overrun by feminist leaning alt-reicher’s…



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