Stardusk has gone off the rails…

I don’t think anyone should give any so-called MGTOW’s asking for money a cent.  Better off spending your money on a prostitute who thinks you are a stupid chump than Ziggy Stardusk who thinks you are a stupid chump.  In fact, he will probably take the money you give him and hire a prostitute at an FKK club all while thinking even philosophers like Nietzsche engaged in the vulgar–and after is he not on the same level as the ubermensch?  If only he smoked a cee-gar and cussed more, I’d think he was Captain Capitalism. Now I’m really exited by the rise of Trump and Sanders.  I don’t think either would make a good President but it shows the American public is fucking sick of status quo.  And we all know Hillary is status quo.

Here’s his video…

I ain’t even gonna go point by point on this motherfucker but just rebuke a few things…


Ziggy poops lives in Germany, land of free higher edumacashun….

and, uh that free healthcare, well, looks like the single payer system Germany already has…

In fact the average German probably has it a fuck of allot better than the average American.

Somehow, Condescedingdusk sounds like a rich feminist who got everything paid for by daddy telling some poor mixed race man who has never met his dad to check his male privilege.

Now, you want to get angry, some lunatic in the comments section CS MGTOW says that guys under 30 shouldn’t be allowed to vote.  Bloody, hell, mofo, guys under 30 sign up for Selective Service.

If this is MGTOW, I want no part.  Looks pretty corrupt to me and like AVfM, should be left to fail….

–UPDATE–I went back to the quote, here’ what he states:

Society is not well served by allowing women and very young men to vote. Women as a whole fail to develop the rationality needed to refrain from using political power to destroy the society and young men only seem to develop this much later in life, from my experience after the age of 30 or so.
–I include this because I realize it is unfair to say he would specifically forbid young men (who sign up for Selective Service) from voting.  He says they don’t serve society well.  I’ll let feminists argue the point on womyn, that’s a battle I don’t care to fight….



17 thoughts on “Stardusk has gone off the rails…

  1. Do you lash out at everyone who disagrees with you?

    You come across as bitchy sometimes.

    You could make your arguments in a lot better way.

    Who are you going to turn on next me? lolol

    1. this is an edited comment, I wrote a scathing reply, but I welcome pushback when it is thoughtful and might have merit. I also went back to CS MGTOW’s comment and see he doesn’t state that young men’s right to vote be taken away, rather society isn’t well served by it. I stand by the idea that the men who are forced to sign up for Selective Service must have the right to vote. I still think it is hypocritical for Stardusk to condemn a group of people for wanting things that are granted in the country that he expatriated to and calling these people entitled. Now he mentions how Sanders couldn’t get the things he promised done, but you know what, neither could any other candidate, including Trump-that is a reality of American politics.

      1. Star Dusk has shitty political beliefs, frankly most men do.

        The thing is men tend start pointless fights over shit like this, and it comes across as bitchy.

      2. well, I ain’t gonna support alt-rite manosphere bullshit, and if that’s whats Stardusk is gonna try to swindle with, don’t cry when I treat him the same as I treat Roosh, Crap Capitalism, Donovan and all those scheming fuckers. The alt-rite is as bad for low status men as feminism…

        Starpoops shoulda talked about this:

        instead of calling someone wanting healthcare/education entitled when it is virtually FREE in the country he lives is quite hypocritical. I’m sick of elitist Europeans and expat ‘murrikkans who have it easy and shit all over everyone else…

      3. So what sort of whiner are you?

        You seem to lash out at everyone.

        So are you going to make jokes about me taking it up the ass? Do I have to agree with you 100 percent?

      4. dude, why are you sooo offended about gay jokes? You aren’t offended when alt-reichers say I am subhuman because I’m a halfbreed.

        I was right about the Horny Badgers, just saying…

      5. Some of your targets are deserving of ridicule, some are not. Roosh V and his ilk are some of the vilest anti male trash to ever exist.

        You know CS is a nice man, just because you do not agree with him, doesn’t mean you have to attack him like that.

        What is the threshold for attacking someone with extreme mockery? I believe yours is too low.

      6. alright, I agree that CS and Stardusk are in a whole different category than Roosh/Elam/Fartiste/Schwyzer–however be careful when the duedbroze start mentioning “oh, theeze here a pe-0-ple are to estupidio to vote”–the next thing they start saying is “monarchy” ala that neo-reactionary Davis Aurini. You are smart enough to see that. I don’t feel that “mainstream” MGTOW reflect either where I am at in my personal headspace nor do they jive with my politics (anarchist leaning.) I will call ’em out just like I called out Elam. And with all the stuff other “MGTOW” have said including threats-c’mon dude, me making a joke about them going to a brothel and having to do guys over 30, if that is “awful” after all the things Elam, Roosh, many MGTOW, feminists have said, well… Am I going to get in trouble for making fart jokes now?

      7. as far as trolling, google eradica/ david fucktrelle to see some of my best. I am not Karen, but that is some good trolling and it is humorous that men who supposedly cahn’t stand womyn line up to be abused by “her.” Whomever “Karen” my be, well played sir. I enjoy that better than anything Karen Strawman/GWW has written.

  2. “My theory is that MGTOW is a narrow focus and not enough to make a “career” on so like PUA’s of the alt-reich, he starts selling other things so his angry sponsors donate.”

    Gotta pay the bills, he does.

  3. I take back everything I said here. I think you was 100 percent right. Perhaps you could of used a better tone, but that doesn’t really matter.

    Men want to disparage and whine about other younger lower status men.

    1. it is what it is, man. I’m going to be as aggressive with so-called MGTOW as I am with feminists and MRA’s. If anything I think o-called MGTOW’s can do more damage because low status men have been opening their eyes up quick not to trust feminists and MRA’s…

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