Cognitive Dissonances of WN’s and “libertarian” man-0-spherians

Okay, here is an interesting video…..

W33v is obviously a bright fellow, however intelligence doesn’t mean someone doesn’t have their head up their ass-in fact, those extra IQ points might mean they are able to get their heads farther up their ass and just rationalize it a little better.  Even though I don’t suppose this is the sort of guy I’d want to grab a beer with, I do have some degree of respect for an individual such as W33v or Eivinde Birge who have gone against repressive regimes….

He is purportedly a white nationalists and I have seen him comment at Daily Stormer. In the comments to this video he mentions living in a Slavic country and not intending to live in the US again.  I don’t know if he is of Slavic descent, hell I don’t know if he is of Jewish descent.  Most the Jewish people I’ve met IRL look white, I know one guy with reddish hair who could pass as his brother.  And how would most people describe Bernie Sanders: an old white guy.  I’ve seen pictures of Afghani’s with blue eyes and blond hair.  I’ve met Mexicans who look white.

I remember where I grew up and in some ways people were still stuck in the 1800’s.  Guys of Italian descent were called Daygo’s and Whops.  Ironically Daygo is slang for day laborer and Whop means with out papers.  I say ironically because prominent white nationalists like Jack Donovan and Angelo John Gage look like they could be Italian.  Funny how they might make comments about Mexicans standing around Home Depot the way someone generations ago might’ve made comments abut their grandads.  And growing up, I remember if someone’s name ended in Stein, they were told to “Go fly a kite, you fucking kike” and “did you hear about the new Jewish car?  It can  stop on a dime and pick it up.”  If their name  ended in Ski, there were comments about submarines with screen doors and jokes like “What do you do if a Pollack throws a grenade at you?  Pull the pin and throw it back.”

Lots of light skinned folks look like each other and lots of light skinned folks hate each other.  Kind of like lots of womyn who claim to be pro-womyn and call themselves feminists hate other womyn who take off their clothes and/or fuck for money.  Don’t these fuckers have any cognitive dissonance when they say they are Pro-XXX, but also hate people most people would consider part of group-XXX?


Now, the next thing I find strange is all the manuresphere guys supporting Trump.  As W33v said above, the Trumpster shots from the hip.  He doesn’t have what could be considered a cohesive ideology.  But he has said things that imply he would like to restrict people’s freedoms.  He is accused of having Thugs for security.  Is this someone who would run a “transparent” regime?  Back to the FBI and Apple, well, in my limited understanding of the Constitution, privacy isn’t guaranteed like free speech and the right to bear arms but it is implied with the 5th where you don’t have to incriminate yourself and in the 4rth where you don’t have to quarter soldiers and  don’t have to give up documents.  It seems libertarians would value privacy and freedom.  I thought most manurespherians idolized themselves as being libertarian however Trumps views don’t strike me as libertarian, in fact there are studies saying that authoritarian personalities are most drawn to his rhetoric.  So for all their talk, they probably are ineffective bullies who associate more with Neitzchean views of “might makes right” rather than “sons of liberty.”  To me they seem more like some feminists who endlessly rant all about the evilles of dateless loser Nice Guys ™ while their Warmachine ™ boyfreinds beat the living shit outta them.  Of course it is their body and their choice.  Nothing like some 50 shades of gray.  Funny how some femmies will endlessly make excuses for violent men like Hugo Schwyzer yet make fun of a virgin who can’t get a date and compare him to Adolf Hitler….

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