Paper Abortion

Okay, there was an article at BarBar’s site:

I don’t know the details but apparently this might be a prank as the party suggesting paper abortion also suggested necrophilia so long as the now deceased consented to the act before passing….

Now allot of MGTOW/M(h)RA’s fancy themselves as right wing, tough guy “libertarians.”  Just step back a moment and think… What kind of nation would you need to live in for the government to seriously consider paper abortion?  Well, you probably beat me to it, but it would be a country with a strong safety net.  It would likely have national healthcare, free daycare, parental leave after the birth of a child.  Heck, it would probably be somewhere a “real man” like Bernie Chapin would call socialist/leftist.  It would most likely have high taxes–or a shit ton of natural resources that it was selling to the rest of the world at an exorbitant markup.  As it stands now in the US, the state goes after “deadbeat dads” because someone has to pay for the babies.  Hell, sometimes the guys stuck paying aren’t even the genetic father.

So tough guys, which one do you want?  A pull yourself up by the bootstraps “free market” or a high tax socialist nation?



One thought on “Paper Abortion

  1. One of the problems with the libertarian worshippers is that they don’t see any sensible society has a safety net. Either you have strong families, with a lot of small business ownership, and strong demand for labour, or the state provides this support.

    There is no way getting around this. Even wild animals show some care for the members of their pack. But as automation and immigration bite at some of their comforts, the libertarians will eventually wake up (hopefully).

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