Trigger Warning for “libertarian” MGTOW’s

okay, so-called “libertarian” MGTOW’s if all you are gonna do is call me a “passive aggressive cunt,” well, maybe it’s time to renew the AVfM membership.  Otherwise, feel free to leave THOUGHTFUL comments….

I asked CS MGTOW directly why he would entertain denying men under 30 the vote.  He referred me to this video:

He presents a loose argument that voting isn’t a right but merely a privilege…

Now, in the US the 26th Amendment extends the right to vote to 18 year old’s.  This was the age that men could be conscripted into combat.  Can you imagine a society where men are old enough to die in war but not considered “mature” enough to vote for the leaders who would send them there?  If anything, this gives a slight check and balance so that young men may have some opportunity to vote for their self interest.    It is certainly possible that they may vote against their self-interest or even not at all.

CS MGTOW also seems to imply that older men would vote in ways that would be fair to younger men.  However, we have seen many examples where older men treat young men and boys like absolute garbage.  Denying one group the ability to vote so that another can gain more power, what’s that again?  Is that Fascism?  I’m not sure, I slept through social studies, but it ain’t Democracy.  Are prominent MGTOW turning into “dark enlightenment” figures of the manosphere?

I’m not seeing allot of pushback from so-called MGTOW against lunatic far right ideas.  If this is what MGTOW is, man, count me out….



6 thoughts on “Trigger Warning for “libertarian” MGTOW’s

  1. This is related to how women getting the vote led to bigger government and more goodies for women. If you take the argument that women should be denied the vote because of their irresponsibility (ex.: Social Security will be bankrupt in less than ten years), it follows that men who vote similarly should have their votes denied.

  2. Stoner, no one had any logical argument to counter what you said.
    I find this libertarian bent getting in the way of helping men.
    Personally, I listen to guys like messenger rising and traversable, as they are grown-ups.

    1. The problem is not bigger government. you have been brained washed mate. lolol

      The state has been naturally expending anyway, and has little to do with the vote.

      How did women getting the vote lead to bigger government? correlation is not causation

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