….minimum wage and male competition….

You may have seen things like “the fight for fifteen” or other “living wage” proposals….

If someone is making $15 per hour, full time, that gets them to 30k a year.  Depending on where they live, an okay apartment, a used car and maybe enough money to build a small savings fund and see a movie.  I’ve seen many in the man-o-sphere ferocious about this…

Articles like this are common:


If these guys aren’t business owners who hire low wage workers, such as a pizza shop, why should they care?  Besides, don’t these guys run scammy online businesses without employees???

My best guess is, despite all their talk about “game,” they are still in a protector provider mindset.  That 38-45k job they got with their fancy colledge edjamacashun really isn’t that competitive anymore to the guy making 30k or maybe 40k with some OT.  And the other guy doesn’t have student loans eating up his paycheck….

Yeah, I think they’re just afraid of competition.  Probably similar to why they get mad when a dude scores with hot chicks by paying prostitutes.  Ironic that they would talk about “morals” when they brag about “gaming” drunk women at bars.





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