How to deal with insults…

….well, I suppose I must issue a “trigger warning” for all you “libertarian” “tough guys.”  If you actually use my “advice” be ready to use your fists….

If some dude calls you a fag, just say,

“To bad for me I ain’t because I heard you give the best head ever and broads are drama.  You fucking gays have it so easy you don’t even know it .”

If you are virgin shamed, say,

“Almost.  Goddamned good thing for the tag team of your mom and sister.  In fact, I think I was raped, hahaha.”

It’s funny, I worked with a sleazy, racist Mexican dude who would always brag what a pussy hound he was.  When I would stay quiet, he’d always say I must be a virgin.  One time he said that, all the guys started laughing and I said the “your mom and sister” bit.  He was in a huff  and said to never say that to a Mexican again because that was quite the insult.  I just laughed and said, “what’re ya gonna beat me up?  The only thing you can beat is your verga-with a pair of tweezers.”  Everyone was laughing at him.  If he was a white dude, I’m sure his face woulda been red as a stop sign.  He avoided me for a few days, it was great.


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