Is this dude an M(h)RA or a Male Feminist…


hahaha, maybe it’s all the psychedelics I’ve done but lately it’s getting harder to tell whose an Alt Riecher and whose a “right wing” MGTOW.  I’m also finding it difficult to figure out whose a feminist and whose an M(h)RA….

So this guy thinks decriminalization of prostitution is a good thing.  Well, if it leads to decriminalization of drugs it’s a great thing in my book.  He even brings up a “choice” argument where he mentions a coal miner.  Yeah, why is that guy in a fucking mine?  Money baybeee….  He comes this close to mentioning male disposability, but he doesn’t.

hahahaha, he says c*nt…..

are feminists allowed to say c.u.n.t.????   I know M(h)RA’s love to say the big C word…

He has a manly beard, I give him that, not the scruffy male feminist beard with horn rim glasses.  Bro do you even lift???  Alright, alright, I won’t go there.  (Mountainbiking would probably be better for him, but I’ll stop the eville body shaming.)

“Do you advocate for soldiers to do their governement’s bidding when they come back with PTSD?”

Well, personally I don’t think men should sign up for the US Warmachine….

He does though…

Anyways, well any guy who hangs out with feminists, you are kind of like Milo Y or Roosh V begging the alt reich to like you when they hate fag kikes and sand niggers.  (PC Police go flip out somewhere else, he already said CUNT and I am just saying what the alt reich says behind closed doors when they don’t talk about HBD and Race Realism like they do on their blogs.)





anyways, I’m pretty glad I’ll never meet an of you sick fuckers in real life…

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