Well, any fuckers who keep up with this blog have seen that I’m pretty frustrated with the “tough guy” “libertarian” MGTOW because they just seem a little to close to the alt right for my tastes….

Does this mean I am going to marry a sex positive feminist while she goes to sex parties and I play video games and work 60 hours a week?  Sorry, I’m not a PUA, I ain’t tough enough to do that.  So I guess all the tough guys would put me in the True Forced Loneliness end of things.  And I am most certainly not virulent enough to be shouted down by real men like Dean Esmay and called a PigTOW.

So I am forming my own clique…

It is PoopTOW.

PoopTOW 4 lyfe!!!!!!!!!

One thought on “PoopTOW

  1. MGTOW is one of those things to which the old saying applies: don’t talk about it, be about it. It’s good to have a convenient acronym to describe the inevitable last resort for men who see the status quo for what it is, but you’ll notice that the loudest voices in MGTOW aren’t really going their own way – they’re going into a huddle. To the mainstream, the whole thing looks like a bizarre androcentric mass tantrum being thrown by men who have deluded themselves into thinking that they are picking up their dollies and going home, when really they have been sent their own way via systematic rejection from the female species. The more noise these guys make, the more conspicuous all of that is.

    Honestly, men have been going their own way long before MGTOW meant anything other than maxium gross take-off weight. I mean hell, it doesn’t even matter what image MGTOW has, how how ridiculous some of those guys make it look. As a mostly silent phenomenon, and as a naturally reactionary behavior in times like these, no amount of shaming or bad press can stop it. MGTOW is a juggernaut, capable of bringing down humanity itself. Since they just can’t stop individual men from going their own way, the force of MGTOW is invincible.

    Well, actually, yes MGTOW can be stopped. Women can stop it, by acting like women again, and giving men some incentive not to go their own way…but as you and I both know, they won’t.

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