It will be funny watching them eat their “own”

This video is funny…


As I’ve mentioned before, where I grew up Irish guys were called Mics, Italians were called Daygos and Whops, and there were tons of jokes about Polish submarines with screen doors.  And if you want to antagonize some neo-nazi’s, it’s always fun dropping links questioning their Fuhrer’s lineage. I remember when Cuck Rudd and his band of Gucci Little Piggies were covering the Martin/Zimmerman debacle, Zimmerman was an honorary white dude.  And while they would pontificate about a pseudo science called HBD they were also avid followers of the religion “game.”  They would talk of it in the revered tones that Star Wars Jedi’s would talk about “the force.”  Their heroes were Heartiste, alleged bankster jew and Roosh V an Armenian/Iranian who realllly wants “race realist” white dudes to like him.  For awhile it seemed to be working, but with the “raypes in Colgne” ™  allot of alt reichers withdrew support.  Funny how they do the supposed job of feminist’s when anything bad might happen to a white womyn but when boys are being hurt, they are mysteriously silent.  cuckforney

Maybe they don’t want to offend their allies


It’s a pretty broken group of “Paleo Conservatives,” “Scientific Racists,”  “White Nationalists,”  failed “womanizers,” “right leaning androphiles,” feMRA’s,” “trad-cons who cuss,”  “get rich quick shysters,” and other assorted loony tunes.  About the only thing they seem to have as a cohesive ideology is that those with darker skin are less human than them and deserve poor treatment.  In fact, I think the only group more fearful of a true meritocracy than feminists would be these shitheads. Y’know what though, as their “ideology” falls apart and they attack one another, I’ll watch with the same amusement as I watched a “male feminist” who gleefully threw low status men under the buss gets attacked womyn who hate men but call it “teh patriarchy dahrling.”

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